We Are Getting Closer to Justice!

We need your help with the last piece of the puzzle!!! 🙆‍♀️

Evee was my beautiful, healthy 6 1/2 month old girl who died 36 hours after 6 shots. The medical examiner who did Evee's autopsy labeled her death as "undetermined" before falsifying documents to change the cause of death 4 months later after I sought a second opinion and based on NO evidence.

Evee's brain weighed the size of an 11 month old, her spleen was 4 times it's size, she had numerous strands of abnormal bacteria found in her left lung, and Panic (potentially fatal in a living person) amounts of streptococcus salivarius in her heart blood. A cellular infiltration of histiocytes was found in the leptomeninges of her hippocampus in a secondary neuropathologist study. We all know what her cause of death was. 💔

I have now found disturbing emails from the medical examiner's office to national news outlets, other counties, and interoffice in a data request, along with illegally redacted material. I currently have a legal team, medical experts to testify, and 80% of Evee's tissues are out of the office in a holding location for further study, and costs are all saved for this testing. These medical examiners need to be held accountable. "Undetermined" is not a cause of death. Dismissing all of these serious problems found in the autopsy is malpractice. Falsifying documents and labeling a wrongful cause of death is malpractice! Mocking families and laughing about them in interoffice emails is disgusting. The cover up needs to end. SIDS is VIDS! Healthy babies don't just die! This medical examiner needs out of a job, Evee's cause of death amended back, and a lawsuit for malpractice, defamation and wrongful cause of death needs to be served.

We need your help to raise the legal fees to get this lawsuit going because we're ready otherwise and confident we will win. 🙏

Donate or share at givesendgo.com/justiceforevee or Venmo "EveesFund" ❤️ Please help share!

She deserves justice and this case will be an eye-opener for medical examiners across the country - on what NOT to do! 😡

Private donations can be made out and sent to legal team directly if preferred!

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