Warning Signs

I've been hesitant to post this. Since Evee died, and the more research and cases I've read about, the more I've learned what was happening to my daughter in the 6 1/2 months of her life. This is not easy to acknowledge, much less accept. I'm only making this public to help another. Evee was perfect. Beautiful. Smart. Funny. I now know that Evee had rather significant reactions to her shots that I didn't catch onto at all. After her Hep B and Vit K shot, her hematocrit increased. She had to be in and out of the lab for 2 weeks to keep track of it and make sure my breastfeeding helped to lower it in time, and it did. 2 month shots came along and after that, Evee started to do this head shaking, back and forth, back and forth, quickly. I thought it was to get herself to sleep, but it was after naps as well. 4 month shots came and the head shaking increased. She had the bad rash reaction on her hammies that everyone has seen. This is also when Evee's face became asymmetrical. Her right eye became "limp", permanently, and she had a slant to her smile. 💔 I've researched the heck out of this. Dr. Andrew Moulden provided clear scientific evidence to prove that every dose of vaccines given to a child or an adult produces harm, neurologically. This sounds crazy, but shortly after this, he mysteriously died. True Story. 😔 I urge you to look up his work along with the book "Crooked" by Forrest Maready. Every reaction gets worse with the next vaccine given, Evee was injured from her first shot. I didn't see it because I had no idea. Evee had visible neurological damage to her face after 4 months. Evee shook her head constantly the day before she died. Her face was hot with those red cheeks, a sandpaper-like rash her autopsy says. Her 6 month shots took her life, and that rash stayed with her after the rest of her body turned cold and pale. Even after her body was frozen before and after autopsy. 💔 This is what shots do. These are some things to look for. Remember, a rash one appointment, could mean you receiving a certificate of cremation after the next appo

intment. Please, parents, hear this well. 😪😭


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