Vaccination and the Effect on Custody When One Parent Opts Out: An Attorney's "Go-To" Guide For All

I receive way too many messages and emails from people all around the country who are looking for advice on a custody situation that has recently arose, or one that is about to. It almost always has to do the ex-partner using the child and vaccines as a pawn or for retaliation. When the couple was together, for years, they agreed that not vaccinating their son or daughter was how it was going to be. They both vowed that even if they broke up, they would never think about vaccinating the child to hurt the other parent. That's the typical story in a nutshell. Personally, I don't have any experience in this area, and I pray I am never forced to. Sending me a message, inquiring what to do in this situation won't get you far at all. Unfortunately, when it comes to the topic of vaccines, aside from vast knowledge on "the basics", my forte is navigating the ins and outs of vaccine-induced child deaths, the human brain, FOIA requests, autopsies, the laws surrounding medical examiner offices, crazy mainstream journalists, etc. Anything that has to do with my story, I know every little thing about it and more. However, I will offer a piece of advice out of common sense and observation and that's whether you're married or not, as soon as you and your partner come to the agreement that you will not be vaccinating your child, get it in writing, asap. Don't wait! When you're both happy and getting along, if you can afford to and prefer it, go see a lawyer and have him draw up a simple contract with the details of your agreement. There is no way it can be disputed in a court of law in the future. Otherwise two parties can write up a contract that is legally binding as long as it has the proper elements to make it valid and enforceable. These simple details are not hard to look up if you go this route.

After the August 11th decision by Cook County Judge, James A. Shapiro, to randomly strip a local mother, Rebecca Firlit, of all parenting time and the right to see her son based on the sole fact that she had not received the COVID-19 vaccination (which is her basic human right to not receive but the mother did cite previous adverse reactions to vaccines), every single parent should be on high alert. By the way this hearing went, any one of us could go in to pay a traffic ticket and come out of the courthouse having lost custody of our child. That's not much of an exaggeration either! This unethical decision occurred during a routine child support hearing that had nothing to do with custody, it had nothing to do with vaccines or medical care of any kind, the father of the child didn't bring this up as an issue (but seems to be taking advantage of the poor decision for some reason), the judge just inappropriately and arbitrarily asked the mother if she had received the vaccine, and then suddenly stripped her of her parental rights, with no prior warning to either party or their attorneys, ordering no contact with her son until she had received the vaccination.

Firlit and her attorney were appealing the judge's decision. However, the story got out and after a lot of criticism, many large and small media outlets impartially covering the story, and the public getting involved and making some noise, on August 30th, Judge Shapiro rescinded his decision. Of course, he gave no reason as to why he decided to change his decision. Rebecca Firlit's attorney stated that she believed it to be the media traction the story received. Judge Shapiro, as it turns out, has admitted to having a history of bringing up parents' vaccination status in past hearings, and actually ordering parents to get vaccinated. Below, you can read the update and about another case in which this same awful judge harasses another parent. It's quite anxiety-producing and nauseating!

After Shapiro's decision to rescind the order, and stating that even though he believes himself to be fair and impartial, clearly public perception "may be" that he can't be fair and impartial. Haha! This is seriously real life, in our judicial system. So Shapiro decided to recuse himself from the case (which I doubt was as voluntary as he makes it sound). Judge Gregory Ahern is the newly assigned judge to the case. Unfortunately, the father and his attorney who were "baffled" by the initial order, and didn't bring up the mother's vaccination status in any capacity, immediately stated they would be fighting the mother's appeal to Shapiro's order. The attorney, Jeffery M. Leving, who runs an "movement", "Fathers Rights", tried to take advantage of this situation, thinking it would go his client's way; however, on Wednesday, Judge Ahern refused to consider an emergency motion filed by the father and Leving (in a "domestic relations case") that sought to bar Rebecca Firlit from seeing their 11-year-old son because she has not been vaccinated against COVID-19. Very ugly move.

On Wednesday, Ahern said “the counts on not taking the COVID shot and not masking are not an emergency and not being considered by me.” Asked by a reporter at the conclusion of the hearing if the COVID-19 vaccine question is now a dead issue, Ahern replied: “Correct.” Well thank goodness! However, now all of a sudden, after they realized they weren't going to be getting anywhere after following the lead of a corrupt, biased "authority figure", another complaint against the mother has been brought up in court. It reads as very odd and superficial. It's a veYou can read what the media has most recently reported and form your own opinion.

My opinion is "give this woman a break, already". The media helped to achieve something positive (for once) and now they can just go back to minding their business before someone gets hurt. We don't need to know about this woman's entire child custody dilemma as it doesn't pertain to any other massive human rights violations committed by a judicial officer, as it did last week.

I wanted to cover that story so it doesn't go forgotten and because it ties together perfectly with why I hopped on here in the first place! I recently received a message from a mother, law clerk, and law school graduate, who is just a few weeks away from being a licensed attorney with the Virginia State Bar. She wrote a law note on parental rights, custody, and vaccines. It's heavily cited, researched, and full of excellent information for people who need "real" research, and it's an incredible source to share with lawyers and judges because it lays out everything, from the real history of vaccines to the law on parental rights, exemptions, and everything in between! This will be her specialty, God bless her! We need many more people like Kristin in the legal system, fighting to defend our rights until the very end!

The firm Kristin is working with, Anderson & Associates, PC., has been involved in a lot of litigation related to masks, vaccines, mandates, even high stakes cases involving the highest ranking official(s) in Virginia. Again, this information needs to get into everyone's hands.

Thank you so much for your sharing your brilliance and selfless, hard work with everyone, Kristin!! You're a blessing!!

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Vaccination and the Effect on Custody When One Parent Opts Out
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