Updated: Dec 8, 2019

Well, I knew what was coming, but seeing my own daughter’s death certificate felt like being thrown into a brick wall. “Undetermined." I’m left with many memories (but not enough) of my beautiful baby, the answer of “undetermined," and then some facts.

Facts like:

– Evee was 100% healthy a day and a half before she passed as she was her whole life.

– Evee had an appointment a day and a half before she passed and at that appt. I was asked if Evee was getting her vaccinations and I replied, “yes,” and not before or after was I given any information about adverse reactions of immunizations that are listed on the vaccinations’ inserts (including death) which I now know are overwhelming

– Evee was given SIX vaccinations (research ingredients in vaccinations quick, if ya don’t know) in the form of 2 shots in each leg. I was a clueless mother, doing what I thought was right for my baby. She was 15.1 lbs that day.

– Evee’s nurse carelessly misdocumented the location she put the shots which I found out after she had passed (this was corrected after intervention) as if she was just, “another patient poked."

– Evee had no symptoms. I found her peaceful, lifeless body March 1st, 2019, less than a day and a half after her shots.

– Insignificant single mother (me) was promised every test and measure would be taken to determine the cause of her death, including vaccination-related testing, by the medical examiner’s office, right away.

– I requested specific tests, vital to the determination of vaccines being the cause of death and was REFUSED these tests by the medical examiner/doctor. Flat out refused.

How could my healthy baby just die, and doctors and the State of Minnesota, are OK with telling me “undetermined” was the cause of death in my daughter, after all of these facts?

I’m sick. This is beyond wrong. Do you know there is a federal fund set up to “pay off” families in situations like this??????

Wake up, friends who KNOW me, this is all real!! My best friend is gone and these are the facts!!

Undetermined. Not for long. 

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