To the people with no soul...

Do you know what happens when you troll my posts and say nasty, hateful things? First, I don't get offended at all. I screenshot it, put it in a folder, and then delete it from my post and block you. I don't even bother reporting you, so don't worry!! My lawyer told me to do this because it'll present as exceptional evidence in my lawsuit.

So when you say things like...

"the antivaxxers preyed on you to further their agenda" (no they didn't, I made the connection the night Evee died, and made a post March 2nd asking for help, nobody can tell me what to do or think, trust me)

"she's playing the dead baby card to manipulate people" (manipulate who and how, I've provided more than enough proof that can be found at Evee's website, I literally work on Evee's case nearly around the clock all day every day, and help other mothers. I lost my daughter, I have nothing to gain by doing what I do except ridicule, threats, and hopefully a baby saved)

"you got drunk and smothered your baby" (I voluntarily offered up the statement to investigators that I had a drink that didn't even get finished while watching basketball between 9-11 PM before I went to bed, I was sober, and suffocation was ruled out on preliminary autopsy, there is actually not a shred of actual evidence that Evee died from co-sleeping but she certainly didn't come close to getting smothered or even touched, not even the crazy medical examiner is saying that)

"you're a disgusting anti-vaxxer" (I shower daily and yeah, I'm an anti-vaxxer because vaccines killed my child)

The next time you want to come bombard my posts with idiotic remarks or talk about my story and insult me as if it'll crush me and

maybe I'll shut my page down and stop sharing my daughter's memory, story, evidence, etc. - think again. I've been crushed already to no compare. Anyone who matters knows the truth. I'm never going to to be stopped.

So please, continue.

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