This is the Real Risk.

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

Evee Gayle Clobes

Born August 19th, 2018, is when she entered this world and right away, was injected with a syringe full of poison, and her first disease. Hepatitis B.

I (mother) don't have Hep B, I didn't have a partner and was abstinent. I hate having to point out these next two, but my daughter wasn't going to be around used needles (or any needles), and she wasn't going to be sexually active. 🤦Someone would have had to break in to my always locked home, incapacitate me quickly, steal my child, purposely expose her to Hep B through one of the ways mentioned above and even then, it wouldn't be guaranteed she'd get the disease. If you're on the fence about vaccinating, I hope that really sits with you. Hep B is a sexually-transmitted disease that no parent needs to worry about their infant acquiring. The Hepatitis B is purely given to infants to condition the family and the child and because it's an easy money-maker. There is NO benefit, and so many risks. It's not mandatory in any hospital, do not give in to any pressure. If you're into challenging doctors like I am, ask them "What are the odds my child would get Hepatitis B? There are many risks listed on the insert, do they make it worth compromising my newborn baby's immune system for a disease that, let's get real, he will never get?" If I haven't convinced you yet that the administration of Hepatitis B to a newborn (or to any infant or toddler) is absolutely ludicrous and you're one of those "well what does the vaccine-patent toting CDC say about it?", you go check out what the CDC has to say about their reasoning for Hep B at birth. 😏Moving on.

I was foolish, I did no research and trusted my indoctrinated doctors and the birthing nurses who knew as much as I did about vaccines at the time, and all medical professionals still do unless they've "woken up". I grew up in a society and family who just "believed" in vaccines, and I didn't even really "hear" the words when the nurse asked if my daughter was getting the "Hep B shot".

Evee never detoxed anything out of her body after that shot.

Please see this article from our affiliate partner CircleofMamas 💛 about detoxing, post vaccination.

October 2018, Evee was injected with 8 more diseases and a load of foreign substances, toxins, poison in a combination shot of antigens that have never been tested together against ANY placebo.

Not the randomized, double-blind placebo control studies which are the "Gold Standard" in testing. You'd think that 5 in 1 or 6 in 1 combination shots (shots containing 5 or 6 different diseases/antigens combined into 1 vial) being injected into infants 3-4 times in their first year of life would surely get the "Gold Standard" testing that the FDA and HHS hold so many drugs and medical devices up to before they're approved. However, you can scour the CDC website or go to where you can view every insert of every vaccination on the schedule and you'll see not a single vaccination on today's CDC schedule has received the "Gold Standard" testing. Not only that, they don't use any placebos. You'll see in studies that they test a vaccine against a different type of vaccine (trials of an MMR vaccine being tested against a DTaP vaccine) or a vaccine against an older vaccine of the same kind. You have to be wondering what is going on!?

Below is a quote from the Informed Consent Action Network organization (ICAN), a non-profit who has been filing big lawsuits against HHS & the FDA, the CDC, NIH and others for their lying, corruption, lack of providing data, lack of proper safety or efficacy studies, etc. Lawsuit after lawsuit is piling on and if the mainstream & social media companies weren't intentionally mass censoring this information, this would be headline news and this country would be outraged. The quote below is in regards to a lawsuit ICAN filed against HHS. They went to court and forced HHS to show their safety studies for the past 30 years on a couple of the biggest vaccines, and HHS wasn't able to provide a legitimate safety study for the past 30 years. They lost. Vaccine manufacturers aren't doing any proper safety studies because they're not liable for their products. It's impossible to make a vaccine safe & they know that. HHS "thought" their hands were tied and they had to approve the vaccines anyways. This was a huge win. Many people say that these lawsuit wins are ultimately going force matters into a RICO lawsuit, where these corporations & all individuals that are a part of the corrupt organization are prosecuted. Read about that lawsuit and more at

Anyways. Again, with her 2 month vaccines, we never detoxed anything out.

December 2018, Evee was injected with 8 more diseases, foreign substances, toxins, and poison. Antigens that have never been tested for carcinogenic or mutagenic potential, or impairment of fertility.

Isn't it crazy how childhood cancer has all of a sudden become the 3rd leading cause of death in children? Where was it coming from? What was doing it? How? Billions upon billions into cancer research. Plenty to work with. They've studied for decades as they watched rates grow, and still, nothing. As the cancer rates were climbing, so was the CDC's vaccination schedule. In 1983, it was 24 doses by age 18 and in 2017, it was 69, and now in 2020 there are a couple more on the "CDC's Recommended Schedule". This doesn't include the completely ineffective influenza vaccine, or the HPV vaccine, but make yourself aware that they are trying to mandate the HPV vaccine in kids before they can attend school in certain states such as Illinois. The devastatingly dangerous HPV vaccine, Gardasil, is the only vaccine to have a class-action lawsuit against it, which has just started this year, 2020. If you're confused how they are suing Merck for Gardasil when vaccine manufacturers are free from liability, you can read about the different angle they are taking with the class-action at

If you remember the statement that mentioned vaccines aren't tested for cancer potential, it also mentioned they never studied for any link to infertility. Infertility has been rising in the past decade or so, and vaccines have been "linked" to infertility by knowing women for a long time, but none like Gardasil which evidence in cases have proven, caused infertility in many women along with other awful injuries, and some tragic fatalities. In all, the U.S. saw nearly 3.75 million births last year, down 1% from 2018 and the lowest level since 1985, according to the CDC.

I keep getting off track here. No more tangents! So after Evee's 4 month vaccines, again, we never detoxed anything out.

February 27th, 2019, Evee was injected with 6 diseases, 13 different strands of bacteria, more foreign substances, toxins, and poison. I wasn't given anything close to informed consent, not even offered the libel brochure. I wasn't told what to do if she had a reaction or injury, or worse. Vast majority of doctors & pediatricians don't know the real answers to that stuff. They'll tell you to give your baby Tylenol if a fever occurs - do NOT GIVE TYLENOL!! Read why: and that a rash is normal, and it might be, but sometimes they're not, and they're usually a sign of an injury occurring. Oh the things doctors say. And don't say. She never told me what to do if Evee died - or that Evee COULD die. Something so simple and important that doctors should be telling their patients is about the Vaccine Adverse Reporting System. If you decide to vaccinate, or you have in the past, or you're doing a "delayed schedule", if your child has or has had an injury, reaction of any kind, or they pass away, it's extremely important you submit a report of it. It's a very nonchalant thing to do, you go to and off to the left of the screen you'll see a link that says "Report an Adverse Event" in blue text and you simply fill out the information through their online report. If an injury happened 10 years ago - report it now! There is NO deadline or statute limit on reporting. It's so important reactions, injuries, and ALL deaths get reported. Only 1% has been reporting according to a study, and we know there are a ton of injuries everyday!

Evee's vaccines included stuff like aluminum, polysorbate 80, bovine serum, insect cells, formaldahyde, mouse brains, porcine gelatin, glycol ether, the list is pretty long. 9 different diseases & bacteria, multiple times. You can view all the ingredients in every single vaccine at

March 1st, 2019, I found Evee dead in the early morning hours.

At the hands of vaccines, Evee suffered a fatal seizure, overnight, induced by a cytokine storm that was triggered by the vaccinations she received 36 hours prior. I laid next to my daughter and slept as she died.

That's her little body, below. Those (edited-in syringes) are there to depict the 23 CDC recommended diseases she received that were supposed to protect her. This is the reality of how much insufficiently tested (putting it mildly) unknown toxic crud we are injecting into our youngest and most vulnerable, at one time, without any heads up from our doctor. Look at all of those needles. She was only 6 1/2 months old.

Nobody told me any of this, nor did they mention that not a single one of those injections would benefit my daughter because her immune system wasn't developed or strong enough to sustain any immunity from them. They were all useless.

This is what your doctor should be telling you.

This is all truly the real risk.

You're being controlled, conditioned, and lied to because of money and power. It's as simple, pathetic, and tragic as that.

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