The Words from Evee's Memorial Service

These were the words spoken at Evee's memorial service on March 4th, 2019: "There aren’t words for this. Not enough of them, and not the right ones, and none that are strong enough to take away the tragedy, the unfairness, of Evee’s death. It’s not supposed to be this way, at all. God gives life. God gives abundant life, and that’s what God intends, and that’s what God intended for Evee, that the giggly, smiley, persistent, possibly stubborn, little child would go on to live a full life. I do this a lot – memorial services. And the things that I usually talk about, questions to ask loved ones – where people met their significant others, their favorite hobbies, their careers, favorite retirement travels – Evee didn’t get to do any of that. So all that promise, that potential, that stuff that we sit and dream about, what our kids might achieve one day – all of that loss is that heavy feeling that we’re all feeling right now, all of us, that shadow that feels like it’s hanging over us, again, all of us, but especially, you, Catie, and Ella and Ty, and Tom and Beth, and Cassie & Tommy, and Nick & Kat, and Ryker. The hope is, that this is all a little bit less heavy because we all carry a little bit, help you bear the burden. Now I’m not going to say Evee dying is all part of God’s plan, because I don’t believe it is. I believe that God intends life, abundant life, full life, for everybody. And I’m not going to say there’s some reason behind it, because I can’t imagine what that could be, what reason could ever satisfy this horrible tragedy. All I know is what I see – that in a short period of time, Evee made all of you fall in love with her. And that’s amazing, and powerful. And that given more time, you would have loved her more and more. If love could have kept her alive, she would have lived forever." 💔 God intends life. Evee's death was senseless, her innocence was taken. My daughter's blood is on a lot of people's hands right now. These people, the reason for my daughter's death, this is all the devil's work. 💔 And he needs to be stopped.

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