The UK's Channel 4 "The Anti-Vaxx Conspiracy" Program

There are millions & millions of people all over the world who are vocally against vaccines. Doctors, scientists, researchers, former pharma-reps, celebrities, athletes, non-profit organizations, larger entities. Then there is me, a single mom in Minnesota.

I'm aware that there have been millions on the streets of the United Kingdom protesting against the covid-19 vaccine. I'm aware that the government and pharmaceutical companies own the British media just like they own the United States mainstream media.

What I can't wrap my head around is why, out of all of the millions of people against vaccines, they chose my me & my daughter's 2-year-old story along with former Dr. Andrew Wakefield (who makes sense) in a program called "The Anti-Vaxx Conspiracy" to run on the UK's mainstream network, "Channel 4", on June 1st, 2021. That millions of people saw.

I got out of an infusion that I receive for treatment resistant depression, anxiety, PTSD, complex grief, and more, and felt positive and great. I then looked at my phone, and it had blown up. This website was receiving loads of disgusting messages & threats, my social media & emails were out of control, despite having barriers to stop these kinds of attacks. I spiraled into a panic attack, with my occasional severe chest pain, that had me in an ambulance and in the ER within an hour & a half. Thank goodness I have people who oversee our social media & control the website. Below are just a few. (I apologize for not editing out emails or names, I just "didn't feel like it")

I'm a single mother in the United States, one person, whose daughter died at 6 1/2 months old, 36 hours after her vaccines, on March 1st, 2019. The only thing that I did was seek out support, help, and answers to my daughter's death, which many parents have done before and after me. Channel 4 left out that I received those answers in August 2020, after a long battle through hell, that is still being fought. My daughter passed away from a fatal seizure, triggered by a cytokine storm, that was induced by the 6 vaccines she received on February 27th, 2019. Channel 4 also left out that I am currently represented by James Mermigis, esq. in a defamation lawsuit against NBC Universal for the libelous article they wrote on September 24th, 2019, to try and silence and discredit me and my story. Channel 4 also knows nothing about the medical board complaint & decision, what they did with it, and that the fight against that sociopathic medical examiner isn't even close to over.

I haven't seen Channel 4's program but I've read the transcript. I'm not going to go in to how inaccurate it was, or how they just repeated the libelous claims that NBC & Brandy Zadrozny made in September of 2019. It's all explained on this website. It will all be in a public Federal Court complaint very soon. You make your own decision.

I can only believe this was God putting more attention on our story & what NBC did to me, to give us a hell of a lot more fuel for our lawsuits. (that we didn't really need) And the nasty attacks are the Devil, who hasn't left me alone for over 2 years.

We sell awareness in our SHOP that we barely break even on, financially, and that was what put my story above everyone else's to Channel 4 to share to the entire United Kingdom?

Hey Channel 4, no threats here. I'm too tired. I'm too weak. I'm in too much pain. If you get off on attacking grieving parents who've gone through hell without doing proper investigating, only in a half-ass attempt to brainwash & fear-monger your own citizens, I won't stop your pleasure.

But no, this isn't going to stop my lawsuit. What parent on this planet could allow a crazy, known & self-proclaimed "anti-vaccine disinformation" journalist & the corrupt mass media conglomerate she works for to get away with lying about their child's death, and implicating them in causing it? (that's not the extent of the libel in that article) And no, unfortunately it won't shut me up about what caused my daughter's death, sharing the truth, or helping other parents. It's not how I'm built. It's a blessing & a curse.

I know I'm up against monsters. I know I'm the underdog. I know my case involves the most controversial topic in the world right now. I'm aware I'm the"craziest mom of the anti-vaccine movement" who is taking the biggest hits from the brainwashed crazies. You should know it's "killing" me. But our case is solid, and in any justified court of law, it should win. So that's all I can pray for, is an honorable judge, and justice. So this can be put to an end.

I received a message from a woman telling me that there were hundreds, maybe thousands in Cambridge chanting "Justice for Evee, Justice for Catie". Maybe Channel 4 just bit itself in the "arse" with their program?

Regardless, I am with the citizens of the UK who are fighting for their health freedom, and against that experimental, untested vaccine. Give 'em hell! xoxo 😉

- Catie -

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