The Timeline of Corruption

The link.

Everything has to be proven these days, especially when it comes out of the mouth of a grieving mother, fighting for her legally murdered daughter. 🙄

So here it is. The timeline which makes the link to the start of the corruption. Please pay close attention to the dates, that is the whole point of this. Photos go in order, start at top left.

Mid-May 2019 - H&E stained slides are sent to a neuropathologist for study. Evee's cause of death is "undetermined". (see photo)

- June 21st, I call the Medical Examiner office asking what needs to be done to amend Evee's death certificate to show shots contributed to her death.

- June 21st, a letter is sent out by the ME that shows she is more than willing to review neuropathologist report to consider amending cause of death. (see photo) KNOWING she hadn't sent the most important part of Evee's brain to be evaluated.

- June 24th, I get word from neuropathologist and lawyer that a cellular infiltration was found and we need a confirmation test, and he needs to look at Evee's medulla, to check if it was saved.

- June 24th, I am posting in private groups for everyone to pray that medulla was saved. My anxiety level is sky high, this is all I can think about. I'm frantically calling ME office and emailing. I just wanted a yes or no answer to start with. (see photos)

- June 25th, still calling and emailing, you can see the desperation. Confused on why they just can't give me an answer if the medulla was there or not. (see photos)

- June 26th, the ME emails Wright County, (see photos, A, B, C, D, E) A - note the "beautiful description" wording that she uses, that I had to highlight, how mental and disturbing! B - Whoops, she messages the wrong guy because she is clueless and careless, Dean Olson confirms my account of how I found Evee in the investigative report. C - The correct investigator replies. "What's going on with this case?" He has no idea. He sends her photos of Evee that show nothing. D & E - They then have a phone conversation, of course. Because you know, FOIAs.

- June 26th, I then receive the evil letter via email. Dr. Quinn Strobl is so careless and clueless that she can't even put the right investigator in this letter, Kramer is a woman, Fladung is a man, who she had just spoke with on the phone! The impressions on Evee's left cheek were from being held and wrapped in the blanket in the hospital. Evee's autopsy photos have been reviewed by many, and it is clear, "positional asphyxiation" was not her cause of death. Notice she acknowledges the confirmation test of the cellular infiltration that proves Evee's passing wasn't what she is about to amend the cause of death to, but she doesn't care. Because you know, "not medically accepted".

- June 27th, I have a saved, recorded conversation with neuropathologist (many close friends, family, lawyers, "The Highwire" crew, have heard the conversation) who says "wow", "it sounds like the Dept of Justice got to her", "this is strange", "to amend the cause of death at this time, it sounds like an outside entity leaned on her", "a medical examiner is not supposed to do this, they're supposed to be impartial". 🤐

Who still thinks I am making any of this up? No, the medical examiner didn't just randomly decide to change the cause of death in my daughter's case. 😑

Open your eyes. She did it intentionally, and she even says why. This woman has put me through hell, and I hope it was fun for her, and worth it, but her "game" will soon be over, and she is going to lose. 🙏

Oh and to remind you... vaccines killed my daughter. 💔

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