The Start of Many Thank You's

WHY does it not surprise me at all that county or state medical examiners refuse to do second autopsies and the necessary vaccination-related tests that go with them, to try and help parents determine the actual cause of death of their child?? 😒 I mean, come on, I'll even PAY YOU to do this for me! But nope. Through this journey it's just one thing that is making me shake my head in anger & disgust after another. 😡 So we are going with a private neuropathologist who has done this before with much success.

A huge thank you 🙌 to Jenny L who reached out to me from the start and has been such an amazing woman to me with great advice, words of affirmation ♥️ that lift me up, she started and has overseen the GoFundMe and had my back this entire time, and we haven't even met! There are such great women in this world!! 🥰 God BLESS you, Jen!!

Thank you to EVERYONE who has donated to Evee's GFM and/or just offered any sort of support, we've had to raise our goal because already they're throwing out fees that I should have been expecting. Like having to pay to have slides of my daughter's tissues released! 😔 We should hopefully have enough for the second study, all these other fees and it will be underway in the next few weeks!! #justiceforevee

BELIEVE that when I get those results, there will be noise and change! Whether it was a DNA mutation that so many of us have, or if it was from these vaccinations, or if it was from a million other things that these medical examiners DON'T test for in a standard autopsy, SIDS is NOT an answer we should be accepting as parents anymore! (I'm bawling as I type this) 😭 #justiceforparents

Thanks to everyone's continued support, advice, donations, help, you're all amazing, and as big of an anxious, snotty, emotional mess that I am right now, you're really making this just a bit easier on me.

This picture is from the day I took my sweet little dolly 💕 home from the hospital, never thinking for a second that she'd ever leave my arms for good. 😔 She was just so perfect.

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