"Anonymous" "The Misrepresentation of the Death of Evee Gayle Clobes"

I need your help to find "Anonymous"!

I had to update this from it's original posting 2 weeks ago so I could have the summary actually visible to those who are reading. Those Google Drive sharing links don't ever work for me or anyone else. I'm sorry for any frustration caused.

Whoever wrote this excellent summary of the events I experienced in 2019, if you could please contact info@justiceforevee.org and someone will put me in touch, directly. It'd be much appreciated! I'm incredibly grateful for someone to take the time to form such a detailed account, and for someone to know me and Evee's story so well to be able to do so!

I just recently found this document in my Drive's "shared files" and I've never seen it before. It was written before Evee's final neuropathology study and report came out in August 2020. It's very impressive and an excellent exposition of our story, after Evee's death on March 1st, 2019.

I'm really curious to find out who knew/knows my journey this well and if they're interested in summarizing 2020 through the start of 2022! Also, if you would be interested in helping me with a lot of paperwork and research that needs to be done for my currently active and "to be active in the near-future lawsuits", or if anyone would seriously be up to the voluntary task, please contact the page at info@justiceforevee.org. I don't have an assistant who knows the story and case's details so "in depth" to be able to accomplish things, independently, and/or would able to do the type of work that is demanded.

Please help me find "Anonymous" by sharing this blog post! Thank you!

▪️Please keep in mind that this summary was written in 2019 and does not chronicle any event after that year. Of course, it does not include every single detail or scenario in that year. Evee's death was eventually proven in August 2020 after a neuropathologist found proof in Evee's hippocampus and in areas surrounding that coincided with all other evidence and provided the conclusion that Evee had a fatal seizure that was triggered by a cytokine storm which had been induced from the six vaccines she received less than 36 hours prior to her death. Positional asphyxia was definitively ruled out. You can view updates, proofs, detailed accounts of other events, and more throughout this "Blog" section. My fight is now legal as I pursue litigation against NBC Universal, several UK media outlets, and a medical examiner's office.▪️

You're Already A Part of This Organization. This Fight is Not MY fight, It's OUR Fight. It's Not Coming Close to Ending Until "Vaccine-Induced Infant Death" and the Scapegoat of "SIDS" End First! Our First Court Hearings, "In Person", With NBC Universal are Coming Up on June 1st & June 3rd! Support the Growth & Maintenance of "The #JusticeForEvee® Organization, Evee's Influential Website www.justiceforevee.org and Help My Momentous, Active Litigation Against the Media & Soon the Medical Examiner's Office, With a Small, Influential Contribution!

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