The Autopsy

Oh what a day. So 2 weeks ago, I was blessed with being able to tell Evee's story with Del on "The Highwire". The Highwire team was incredible to me and gave my story the respect it deserved. The interview allowed me to reveal the huge fight I have and am still going through with the medical examiner who did Evee's autopsy. It was made very clear, in that episode, what the circumstances were, and I provided proof to go along with it. Unfortunately, I have been pegged as a "rising star" in the anti-vaxx community, a label which is just sickening to me, and because of this, I have been sought after by pharma paid journalists (con artists), state senators (con artists), and a plethora of trolls to try and be "brought down" and discredited.

This is nothing short of obnoxious & hurtful. Fortunately, I have truth on my side, and with it, a load of proof, a wonderful team fighting with me, and an incredible community of friends & supporters who can spot a tasteless page full of desperation & deceit from a mile away. Also, I'm thankful there are good journalists and organizations who I am able to trust with my proof, and who are more than happy to share it, respectfully, when the time is right.

I encourage everyone to watch my interview on "The Highwire". For those who haven't watched it, I'm just going to briefly clear the air on one thing here. There are articles stating, quite confidently, that my daughter "suffocated" in bed as a result of my co-sleeping, and this is what caused her death. This is 100% false.

My daughter's initial cause of death was "undetermined" by the medical examiner's office. There were absolutely no signs of suffocation, nor any indications that co-sleeping played a part in her death, but before the autopsy was complete, the medical examiner and I exchanged words about "vaccines" being the cause, and in this phone conversation, the medical examiner proved herself to be completely partial towards the thought that vaccine do not cause deaths. There was no maltreatment found, an investigation was done by the county and CPS and it was completed before the autopsy report had even reached me.

As I go into more detail in my interview, I had a private study done on Evee's brain, and on June 24th, when I asked for a specific part of my daughter's brain that the medical examiner had purposely not sent out, and when I asked for an immunostain confirmation test on a cellular infiltration found in a part of my daughter's brain, I received no reply until 2 days later when I received a letter, via email from the medical examiner, stating that she had all of a sudden saw a new investigative report she had never seen before (there was only ever one) and spoke with investigating law enforcement (they denied speaking to her when I called), she brought up pooling in the face and body (non specific, and autopsy photos reveal all livor mortis primarily on the back and left cheek which match how Evee was found) and that because Evee was found in an adult bed (which she already knew) that had pillows and blankets (which were nowhere near her as described below) and was co-sleeping, her death certificate would be changed to "positional asphyxiation". She then went on to state she was aware of my desire to petition "vaccine court" and she wouldn't be providing anymore tissue to support my case because it had nothing to do with the cause of death. From then on, she did hold Evee's tissues hostage, and I had to hire a lawyer to help me in obtaining them.

I have several experts who are ready to testify as expert medical opinions on my behalf in disagreement with the amended cause of death. The medical examiner will soon be sued for falsifying medical documents. But to be clear, "positional asphyxiation" is not suffocation. Suffocation was ruled out in the preliminary autopsy findings, the day Evee died. She was not smothered in bed. Furthermore, asphyxiation is undetectable in an autopsy, it doesn't happen in an infant who is 6 1/2 months old and can roll from back to belly & vice versa, and the investigative report & autopsy state that Evee had blood come from her nose, and milk from her mouth, shortly after her death. I still have the mattress pad it soaked into. Her airways were visibly open & clear.

Evee's fight has become a big one. She has touched so many hearts only because people BELIEVE HER MOTHER. Maybe because I've been transparent about it all? Because it's such an obvious, cruel injustice and I want people to be held accountable for her death and what has happened since she was taken from me? Maybe it's because the truth that is on my side is overwhelming, the presence of God is so strong, and it's truth that can save lives and make change?

Really though, were any of these facts in the articles today? They had them, yet chose to print bold-faced lies and twist situations. Why?

I'm just a grieving mother, sharing her beautiful baby's memory. I'm just a grieving mother who caught on quicker than most. If that's the biggest threat in the nation right now, ask yourself why, and then always, ALWAYS investigate yourself.

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