River & Athena

This is River & Athena Sage! They are an adorable pair of siblings, and their mom, Angela, has an incredible story she shared with me that is too powerful to be kept "secret" any longer. Thank you, Angela, for being brave enough to allow for your story to be heard. Here it goes...

"I am writing to thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing yours and Evee’s story. As a mother of a vaccine injured child, I cannot comprehend the pain of losing a child, but I can understand the guilt one feels about being coerced into vaccines, and the gaslighting & emotional abuse that one faces when speaking their truth. I am barely comfortable telling our story, but I’m practicing because I know in my heart that it’s the right thing to do. Evee’s story may very well be the reason my son is alive, and I want to tell you his story, in hopes that it will bless you today.

My first pregnancy was perfectly healthy. I wanted to have my son, River, at the local birth center, but after 18 hours of active labor, I was sent by ambulance to a nearby hospital. The ambulance ride was long, and the first responder, a young man, was really nervous about delivering a baby on the side of the road, so he coerced me into accepting a shot of morphine by telling me that I was going to harm my son if I didn’t get my own heart rate down. This is where my intense mom guilt starts. Because my son was born withdrawing from morphine, he was sent to the NICU. I was a young mother at the time, I did not know how to advocate for myself and my baby, so he was taken from me. I wasn’t able to see him for about 8 hours. When I went to hold him for the very first time, I was treated like a visitor to my own baby. I was given a feeding schedule, and I was allowed a few minutes to try to nurse him. If I was not able to breastfeed him by the time the nurse came to feed him, he was given a bottle. Despite being a NICU baby, he was given routine vaccines without my consent, on his first day of life. This was unfortunately long before vaccines were on my radar. Nobody could really give me an explanation for why my baby was experiencing jaundice and failure to thrive, I was forced to let them give him a feeding tube, and his discharge from NICU was delayed many times. In hindsight, I believe that the setbacks we were experiencing could have been vaccine related.

For the next 18 months, I took River to every well visit, to specialists, I did everything that his pediatrician recommended, which included routine vaccines, and I watched my son steadily decline. He suffered from chronic upper respiratory illnesses, chronic ear aches, and colic. He did not sleep well, he was extremely clingy and sensitive. It was clear to me that he was not happy or thriving, although he typically met his milestones. After his 18 month shots, he had terrifying febrile seizures and diarrhea, which landed him twice in the ER with dehydration. He also had stopped making much eye contact. He seemed lethargic and uninterested. At the following well visit, I was referred to a specialist, to schedule the surgery to put tubes in his ears. I refused, walked out of her office and never went back. I had had enough. I knew in my heart that allopathic medicine was harming my son, and I had absolutely nobody who believed me.

I turned to a local mom group for advice, and that is where someone shared Evee’s story a couple years ago, and that is exactly where my journey began. You and Evee, and the broader community of women who lift you and your story up, and the many stories like yours are THE REASON my son is healthy and thriving today. His name is "River Cory Edison Dobyns", and he is almost 5 years old. From those last shots at 18 months til now, I have watched my son slowly heal. He is on the autism spectrum, with some moderate sensory processing issues. I truly believe that if I would have continued on with his vaccination schedule, my son would have fully regressed into autism. I say this because, over the last few years as his body has detoxed, I have literally watched the light return to his eyes. I have watched his language improve. I have watched tics and stress behaviors disappear. We do still have some challenges, but overall he is a very happy boy!

When his sister was born, we named her Athena Sage, because Athena is the Goddess of "justice". Athena was born at home, and now at 2 years old, she has never seen a single doctor or taken a single vaccination or medication, and she is by far the healthiest of our family!

If you ask my children who made them, they will tell you that God made them, and if you ask my children who Evee is, they can tell you that, too. We will always continue to lift you and your family up in prayer, not just for the unerring results in court and justice for Evee, but also for divine healing for you, until you can be reunited again. It is the absolute least we can do. Thank you for fighting for what I believe to be the most important fight of our lives.

God bless you, with love,

Angela, River and Athena Sage"


From Justice for Evee: There are millions of parents out there who are still trying to find the strength to share their story publicly, or even with their family, and I urge you, the time is definitely now to let your voice be heard. We are listening and we believe you.

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