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Updated: Jun 16, 2021

Remy Starkey was the first baby I had heard about (at the time) who had potentially died from his 2 month, routine vaccinations. SaVanna Starkey was the first mother who had lost her child after me that I cried with. We were strangers with something incredibly tragic in common, and it bonded us, quickly. I remember messaging her back and forth for the very first time at Remy's memorial service. I remember her shock. I remember the pictures she sent me of Remy in his casket. I remember clenching my heart in pain from deep empathy, and my own very recent grief, as she told me how she had found her son, how she tried to revive him, how she ran out of her house screaming, holding her lifeless son. I remember her telling me that he had a dried blood bubble coming from his nose when she found him, the same as Evee. I remember her shock. I remember her confusion and her many questions. I wasn't there to convince her of anything, I was there to console and help her. She already had suspicions of how he died, despite being employed in the pharmaceutical industry.

I remember explaining to her what other parents, experts, and a few neuropathologists had told me. I remember when it locked in with her. I had adopted the thought that "healthy babies don't just die" (which after talking to over 100 different experts, MDs, scientists, and researchers since, it's not just a thought, it's a fact). She agreed. I remember setting up a fundraiser for the Starkeys to be able to pursue answers and sharing his story. This was before the censorship and his story spread fast. Another baby, a beautiful boy, received 8 different vaccines and passed away overnight on August 9th, 2019. I remember reading Remy's autopsy report when it came. The Starkeys are one of very few families to receive an original autopsy where the medical examiner had clearly cited that the vaccines he received were the reason for his death. Today, Remy should have been celebrating his 2nd birthday with his family. This picture is the awful reality of what June 7th will always look like and mean to the Starkeys. 💔

"Happy" 2nd Birthday in Heaven, sweet Remy. 🎈 You and your tragic story have woken up so many parents and saved many children, including your 2 young sisters, one of whom experienced severe adverse reactions to the vaccinations she received on the same day Remy received his.

You are loved by so many and so very missed, sweet baby boy. ❤️

God bless the broken hearts of the Starkey family today and every other day as they continue to live life without their Remy in it. 🙏💔

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