So my good friend, Hannah, is here from California. We're going through the insane amount of proof of corruption in the ME office and regarding my case. Recordings, hundreds of conversations, slides, records.

I haven't gone through this entire 5000 page FOIA request because when I started last time I discovered the ME working with NBC to write the hit piece and got so angry.

We just came across this gem!! See below. Medical Examiner saying she may have to write a policy in regards to releasing Evee's tissues because they don't have one!!!!! I hadn't seen that yet. You think it's policy?? 🤦‍♀️ And so nice and accommodating?? 😂 What!! They straight out lied to me and got caught, AGAIN.

Hannah is flipping out over the hundreds of illegally redacted conversations from this FOIA request that I paid $100 for. NICE Anoka. 😒 Can't wait to subpoena these and get a refund


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