Quick Letter to Evee

Updated: Dec 20, 2019

My sweet “Peeves”,

Tomorrow a wonderful group of women, Grandpa, and mommy are going to the Minnesota State Capitol to be your “voice”. To show and tell some wonderful people how beautiful you were, to tell them about your infamous “tuft” of hair that would never stay down, maybe let them hear your “from the gut” laugh that makes everyone’s day, show them those gorgeous “dolly” eyes. I will tell them how you have a brother and sister who love you, how you were my best friend, and how my tears have become a reflex now when I think or talk about how much I love you. ♥️

We will also tell them how you had been healthy and perfect your whole life. That I was trying to do what was best for you and I didn’t think twice about 6 vaccinations being too much for your small, 15 lb body that day. I had no idea that some babies’ bodies couldn’t handle vaccinations like others, our doctors never told me this, ever. That the medical examiner refused to do certain tests that I requested that may have proven the cause of your death, right away. That your vague, 5 page autopsy report shows you were flawless, and that it was missing any examination or testing of the inside of your brain. I will tell them that I believe this has to change so another parent doesn’t have to fight for an answer through this pain.

You will not be another statistic, Evee, and I will never stop being your voice. ♥️

Love, Mommy.

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