Please MN Medical Board

I hate this suitcase. I hate that I get severe right chest pain every single time I open it now. I hate that I know why I'm having chest pain on just the right side. 💔 I hate that in a couple weeks my late daughter will be 2 years old and I'm still shipping her tissue slides across the country to someone else. I hate that I'm still calling Allina Health, on behalf of my deceased daughter, asking them to get me more legible records. I hate that a sociopathic pathologist, (hopefully soon to be former) who talks like an idiotic teenager to her coworkers about a deceased infant, still has what is left of my daughter because she knows I need the remains. I hate that I'm unable to stop this fight, regardless of the pain it causes me. I hate what they've done to me. I hate that I'm still so empty without her. I hate it. 💔 Please MN Medical Board. Please do what's right. 🙏


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