This is Piper! She is a stunning, perfectly healthy, happy one-year-old baby girl! Another sweet little lady with black diamond eyes that captivate you!! Gorgeous!!

Piper's mom started researching vaccines when Piper's 2 month shots were coming up. She had a bad gut instinct about them. Evee Gayle's story was the first she came across. It broke Piper's mom in two and compelled her to look deeper and deeper, she kept coming across things that told her "this isn't right". She joined a Facebook group, where everyone had different opinions from "I'm vaccinating my child" to "you're not touching my child with a ten-foot-pole and everything in between. She kept researching, researching, researching. Once you truly go down that path, there is no coming back to the lies and deceit.

It was Evee's tragic story, and it's many layers, that stood out to Piper's mom the most.

It should be said that Piper's mom also has an MTHFR mutation, and it's very likely that Piper has one as well. For more information on the MTHFR and "dirty genes" check out http://mthfr.net/.

"This decision could have very well saved Piper's life, and if anything, her immune system!! Thank you for fighting your fight. Thank you for standing up for these kids. Thank you for standing up for Piper. For every person who tries to tear you apart for your stance, there's 100 of us cheering you on and loads of babies that have been saved because you keep going." - Piper's Mommy


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