PANIC levels of bacteria marked non-significant

So I found this letter from the Minnesota Department of Health to the medical examiner's office. It was dated 2 1/2 months after Evee's passing. It said they needed A, B, and C from the examiner's office because they were investigating the possibility of an infectious disease causing Evee's "undetermined" death.

I'm thinking, WHAT?? That's serious... 😳

So I take closer look at her autopsy. I knew there was several different bacteria found in her heart blood and left lung marked as "abnormal" and dismissed. Then I look at the "legend" (photo) and A means "abnormal" and AA means "panic". PANIC. Panic. That's a pretty significant word.

Well streptococcus salivarius is found in her left lung, and it's marked as a PANIC result. Well Evee was perfectly healthy 36 hours at her appointment before she died so I wonder how that got there.....

Then I remember medical examiner's note that I got in an MDH data request that said "recently vacc

inated". Well, that explains it! Investigation for infectious disease over.

No, pick up the phone MDH, I have some questions. 😒

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