Nothing to Prove Vaccines Don't Cause SIDS or Autism

Why did the Tripedia insert (brand name for a single DTaP shot) list autism and SIDS as adverse reactions, and no other vaccine insert? 🤔

They've now combined DTaP with other antigens such as Hep B, polio (IPV), or HiB to make combination vaccines like the Pediarix or Pentacel.

The CDC has admitted, UNDER OATH, they have never done a single autism study to prove that vaccines DON'T cause autism, and shot down the only study that was done outside of their entity that proved they do. 📌

The CDC sure as hell hasn't even come close to doing a study on vaccines not causing SIDS but they had no problem shooting down the fantastic study done by Viera Scheibner and her husband when they developed a breathing monitor the "cotwatch" that showed vaccines were affecting the breathing patterns in infants, and concluded that the DTP was causing SIDS deaths. 📖👇…/…/064615124X

They once had autism and SIDS on an insert and they took them both off as adverse reactions. 😒 Not because they did the studies to prove vaccines don't cause SIDS or autism - simply because they can - and refuse to investigate any further. 🤬

In 2019, the Federal Court of Claims literally stated 📣 out loud, on the record, that if they compensated a vaccine-induced SIDS case that "people would stop vaccinating their newborns" - and so that's why they didn't compensate the most recent case in the VICP. Listen for yourself in BOATMON V. HHS: 📻

They are purposely leaving out the most dangerous of outcomes that can happen if you vaccinate. Your children 👶 are in danger and there is one community trying to warn you, and put a stop to it. 👭

PROVE ME WRONG, and I will stop getting justice for Evee.

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