Nothing to Hide

If you "have something to hide" regarding your child's death you don't just go ahead and....

- Hire a lawyer and pay thousands to get justice for your child. - Hound the Department of Health (who called back with help!). - Send in and pay for FOIA requests from several different entities. - Call & email hundreds of different doctors, forensic pathologists, neuropathologists, experts, etc... - Pay thousands for medical expert testimonies and testing, testing, and more testing on your daughter's remaining tissues. - Put up a website in your daughter's name with all the facts, proofs, and documents to support your case. - File official board complaints - Contact the Governor's office (who called you back and stated they were "with you on this"). - Call and set up a meeting with the Attorney General - Sue a county examiner's office for malpractice

The list goes on. In the continued effort to be entirely candid today I will share the initial demand letter that my lawyer sent to the ME office, and their response. Keep in mind there is no MMEO (Midwest Medical Examiner's Office) policy that applies, remember the email I shared of the ME saying she needed to write one? There are only guidelines by NAME, an accreditation body, but no policies or laws in Minnesota.

It's a wonder why they only addressed the tissues in the below letter. It sounds like she has something to hide.

We need your help to raise these legal fees so we can pursue this corruption in it's entirety! Please keep sharing Evee's story and where to donate! As always, any order from Justice for Evee helps GREATLY to fund our fight! All proceeds go directly to all of the fees mentioned above, as the costs continue to mount in this case.

Venmo: @EveesFund

*Larger donations can be sent to my legal team directly - send an email to or message Catie Clobes on Facebook for info on where to send legal donations.

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