Negligence in Evee's Autopsy Confirmed in Report

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

You may not understand some of these words but I do, unfortunately. Evee's final report showed the following negligence:

- The gross photographs of the internal examination of the body were limited, no photo documentation of the abdominal or thoracic organs.

- Unable to determine if there is a visible infiltrate of the brain because of the lack of gross photographs.

- The spinal cord was not removed, and not inspected, nor the vertebral column and adjacent soft tissue. Incredibly unfortunate.

- No examination of the orbits and review of the eyes.

- No mention of possible herniation (cerebellar tonsils, medial temporal lobe, central gray matter), implying it wasn’t looked for.

- The two gross photographs showed a small portion of the cerebral hemispheres and associated dura but limited view of the gyri, no photographs of the brain sections are apparently taken.

- The two gross photographs of the scalp and underlying skull bone showed no obvious abnormalities, although this is an extremely limited viewing of these structures given the small number of photographs and lack of focus on one photograph.

This is the God awful job medical examiners are doing on our loved ones. This is why the blanket term "SIDS" and the ridiculous "SUDC". Not just babies, everyone. I'm not standing for this, and laws are going to be not changed (because none exist right now to stop this malpractice) but implemented to make sure it stops.

It took me tens of thousands of dollars, tons of sleepless nights, so much dang stress and more to get the answer to my daughter's cause of death. If Dr. Quinn Strobl hadn't made vaccines a part of her religion and broke her oath to medicine, this would have ended last summer when it was discovered Evee had a seizure triggered by a cytokine storm which was triggered by the 6 vaccinations she received on February 27th.

The fight is so not over! Pray over the medical board to do what is right. Please pray for my strength & sanity if these lawsuits don't settle and go to trial. Stay strong with the support. I will need it! #landmarkcase

Oh and the AIRWAYS WERE NOT BLOCKED. Well no kidding.

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