My October 2019 ACIP Speech

Here is my 2019 ACIP speech that so many have asked for. Verbatim. "I appreciate the opportunity you’ve given me here today to speak. For those of you on your computer as a man talks about his dead son, you should be ashamed of yourself. (unscripted) I’m here to talk about Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, now commonly known as “undetermined”, “unknown”, “natural causes”, hell even “positional asphyxiation”. SIDS. SIDS and it’s well-developed relationship to vaccines. Now I’ve read study after study about SIDS and vaccines, and what has stood out to me the most is the common denominator in all of these studies is that most of them end at the “hypothesis”, and the INVESTIGATION that the conclusion of the study DEMANDS, is never completed. Why? You have known about this for decades. Known that some vaccine components can trigger a lethal outcome in babies. That some vaccine components can produce a range of cytokines that cross the blood brain barrier and suppress on an underdeveloped medulla, inducing a SIDS episode in a vulnerable infant or child. In the past 8 months, I’ve spoken with several of the best neuropathologists in the world, one who doesn’t even specialize in SIDS, he specializes in chronic traumatic encepholopathy in football players, and even HE knew that hypersensitivity to certain proteins in vaccines can cause a fatal outcome in an infant, and explained to me the simple testing that needed to be done after separating the serum from the blood, post-mortem, and running cytokine tests on that serum. ANY medical examiner can run these tests, yet they don’t. YOU know about this, THEY know about this, now why don’t WE know about this? WE being the parents of these infants? Because on February 27th 2019, if my doctor had told me “now, some infants have vulnerabilities to the point that death can occur shortly after vaccines”, I would have grabbed my daughter and got the hell out of there. And then the morning of March 1st, a mere 36 hours later, I wouldn’t have found her cold, pale, lifeless body. Then I wouldn’t be dealing with a corrupt medical examiner who refused to do any additional testing on my daughter, stating it was “medically unnecessary”, never even examined her brain. and when I hired second opinions, she falsified documents and changed my daughter’s cause of death to “positional asphyxiation” based on NO evidence, and despite expert opinions, stating it was because of my desire to “petition vaccine court”. She’s a lunatic. (totally unscripted) Many parents have reached out to me with similar stories of inadequate autopsies and discrimination. If medical examiners and doctors are not investigating, how is this committee supposed to know if their recommendations are even safe? Because my daughter was not collateral damage for the greater good. Her name was Evee. Evee Gayle. She was 6 ½ months old. She was beautiful, she looked just like a little doll from the day she was born. She had these piercing eyes that glowed, this gorgeous smile, and a laugh that could end a war. She was well-developed, well-nourished, flawless in health. She was my best friend, one of three loves of my life, and my heart feels like it’s not even there most days since my love story with her ended. HER NAME WAS EVEE GAYLE CLOBES. And she did NOT die from co-sleeping with her mother 36 hours after she received 6 vaccines, your recommended schedule KILLED my daughter."

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