Mrs. Clause for the Evening

I had an evening full of happiness and laughter, and held so many incredibly beautiful, healthy children!! ❤️

There was one gorgeous little baby girl though, 6 months old, big bright eyes, a smile to melt you, who made my heart heavy and made the tears flow. ❤️💔

That was my Evee, right before I lost her. So happy. Though eyes not as bright, and not as healthy at all, only because Evee had been vac*inated.

Please parents, do your research before you decide if injecting your infant with pure poison is sensible and worth it because you'll discover it's not. 🙏

I didn't want to be Mrs. Clause this year, just so I could hold other parents' babies. I wanted to be holding my own baby - but I couldn't - because I didn't do my research - and I lost my baby because of it. 😔💔 #hearmywarning

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