Midwest Medical Examiner's Office Mocks Grieving Mother

Oh my gosh, we found Dorit in the FOIA request, DORIT IN THE FOIA REQUEST!!

And WCCO you were lied to!! My God, it shows you were steered into a direction (the NBC article they conspired on) and then we have REDACTIONS!!!

We have them following my FB posts, then we have REDACTIONS!!!

We have them mocking the fact that they're holding my daughter's tissues and then REDACTIONS!

We have my private information being sent to NBC and whoever else but we don't know who because then we have REDACTIONS!!!

Guess what I'm NOT gonna do? Sue you in your own county because it's C-O-R-R-U-P-T. 🙄

You're done treating families like this and getting away with it! DONE.

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