The Day After Evee's Death

Updated: Mar 21, 2020

I didn't sleep at all the night of March 1st, or the early morning of March 2nd. They had told me the day Evee died that the preliminary autopsy results showed nothing. No signs of suffocation, trauma, brain bleeds, nothing externally visible. I kept going through what could have happened to Evee, and the look the medical examiner investigator gave me when I said she had just "had her shots" a day and a half ago. Over a half million views. 😳 I tried to keep up with updates as many were following this post, but I haven't updated this original post for a long time because our story and recent updates are everywhere else. But where it says "Update" on this post, on March 2nd, 2019, ALL it said was: "Evee had her 6-month checkup and scheduled immunizations a day and a half before she passed and was found to be in perfect health, as she was her whole life. Preliminary autopsy results were inconclusive showing no abnormalities. If anyone knows anyone or has any knowledge about a baby passing away shortly after their shots, please message me." That's it. I asked one simple question. By the end of the day I had thousands and thousands of messages and comments with stories. REAL STORIES, pictures, condolences. Nothing but that. I couldn't believe I hadn't heard it before. By the end of March 2nd, I KNEW what happened to Evee. Nobody coerced me or talked me into it. No "anti-vaxx group" built my story up and made me believe and "blame" something that I didn't full believe. I knew right away. And from March 2nd on, my fight for Evee started. MY FIGHT, and nobody else's.

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