Updated: Jul 19, 2020

My name is Magnolia (mom calls me Magnolia June bug)! I was born on July 19th, 2019, healthy as can be. My mommy used to be very “hardcore pro-vax” she calls it. She had a good friend who would always send her information but she just thought she was “drinking the kool-aid”. I got my Hep B and Vitamin K at birth. September rolled around and I got my 2 month shots, and mom didn’t think twice about it when I was getting them, but something didn’t feel right. That same night, my mom was browsing Facebook and came across something called “Justice for Evee”. She knew it was Evee, fate, God, & the Universe showing her the truth. She made a commitment from that day forward that she’d never inject herself or me with anything, ever again. I had a seizure 2 weeks after those 2 month shots and started breaking out in eczema patches everywhere. The specialists mom brought me to dismissed the seizure as a “fluke” and said the eczema was “normal”. Oh! My mom also got an MMR shot right after I was born and now has Hashimotos, an autoimmune disease that effects the thyroid. This is my story though, not mommy’s! My daddy begged my mom to get me my 4 month shots, but she refused. She read that “Evee’s” story to him, while hysterically crying, and explained to him that “God doesn’t just send answers and angels for us to ignore.” I am now 9 months old, and healthier than ever! I haven’t had another seizure, and my eczema is almost gone. I’m thriving and hitting all my milestones! My mom is now a part of the “Justice for Evee” fight, she wears her shirt and sleeper pin, and has her bumper sticker on, all with pride. My mom says that Evee is my angel, and it was her story that “saved me”. Mom now refuses to stay silent, refuses to “give in”, and she will fight this fight along side Evee’s mom, and bring the truth to light. My mommy tells Evee’s mom, “If it weren’t for your Evee, where would my Magnolia be?”


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