Well this little 😍 beauty, Lucia, had her mommy send me a message that is straight from Lucia herself:


My name is Lucia, I’m 3 months old and a very healthy, happy and strong little girl. 🥰 After my mom read Evee’s tragic story, she started doing more & more research, and decided not to vaccinate me. (once you do the actual research, you don't go back) I have two siblings, both of them vaccinated because my mom didn’t know better, like so many other mothers. Now thanks to Evee, she is done with them for good. 🙌 When my siblings were born they both were jaundice as a result of Vitamin K shot and thanks to you, Evee, I never had that Vitamin K and I was a perfectly healthy newborn. Please continue spreading the word, as you are saving so many lives. Thank you for all you’ve done! 🙏 My mommy and I pray for you and Evee!

Lots of love,

Lucia 💙💛💜

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