JFE's "Silent Auction Social" You're Invited!

In case you're not on Facebook (which I'm not because I've been banned for no reason at all), or missed my latest posts on Instagram, or you just haven't heard yet...There is a HUGE "Silent Auction & Social" event, to help fundraise for my NBC lawsuit, this FRIDAY, MAY 21ST! Please put it in your calendar & set a notification! (See Flyer Below) THANK YOU to the women who have selflessly put this together, Jen & Kim, they've worked so hard to gather donated auction items & organize this entire event so I didn't have to stress over it. 🥰 The owner of Olivia's Organic Café, Melanie, has graciously donated the Café for the night along with 𝙁𝙍𝙀𝙀 appetizers, wine, coffee, and desserts! ☕🍷🧁 There will be music! 🎶 A cheap-to-enter raffle! Most importantly, a lot of great company! I will speak, briefly, and provide an update around 6:30-6:45 with a couple other special speakers 🤩 as well as my attorney, James Mermigis, esq. who will be saying a few things from New York! God bless all the amazing people/businesses who donated from across the country & throughout Mimnesota. There will be over 70 items/sessions/certificates/gift cards/baskets 🎁 up for auction on Friday! Everything will be set up on tables with bid sheets, and as soon you arrive, look around, pick out what you'd like, grab something to drink & eat, and the bidding starts at 6PM and will end at 7:30PM, when winners will be announced shortly after. 🤩 EVERYONE who follows & supports Justice for Evee and my fight is welcome! There is no admission fee or tickets to purchase. So PLEASE, if you can, COME! I'd love to see and/or meet you, and it will be a nice, calm, casual event and a great way to make new, like-minded friends. 🤗 THIS IS YOUR INVITATION!! ✉️ INVITE FRIENDS! 👭 Originally this was meant to be an "adults night out", and I had been telling everyone who asked that babies are obviously a 𝙔𝙀𝙎, but I was concerned that with the number of people who have rsvp'd, the tables with expensive things on them, possible crowding (we will utilize patio seating), alcohol being served, and nothing to do for kids, that we ask you find a sitter and leave kids at home. However, I don't want to limit or leave anyone out because they have their kids! So if you can't make arrangements, just come between 6-630 and if you bid on anything, stay until the end with them! That is totally fine! ☺️ This will be a fun time! 🎉 I hope you can make it! 💜💛💙 *Most media inquiries will be directed to my attorney* ‼️ Law enforcement will be present in the case of unwelcome guests, due to the nature of my lawsuit, and the stalking, harassment, threats, and abuse I've received since NBC came out with their libelous article which has increased with my public announcement of retaining counsel and the start of my litigation. ‼️

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