JFE's "Health Freedom Billboard Campaign"

The first, "out-of-Minnesota" billboard in our "Health Freedom Billboard Campaign" is up in Mattoon, Illinois, right off Highway 16!! 💛 It'll be up for 6 months! We found a great company to work with in the area. 👏

Of course Christopher Bunch 💙 is up there as Illinois was his home state, along with toxicologist, Ashley Everly's infamous, Vaccine Guide, the website that has everything you need to know about vaccines. To check out Vaccine Guide go to http://vaccine.guide and to read Christopher Bunch's tragic story go to www.ChristopherBunch.org

If you haven't heard, the goal of this campaign is to get a board up in every state by the end of 2021. 😁 It's a huge goal but we can easily do it with this massive movement's help! 🎊

If you're a "freedom-minded/supporter of free speech" 🇺🇸 advertising company, (or know of one) who would like to help us put up the many objective messages/stories/statistics that we need to share with the unknowing, vulnerable people of this country because they are being extremely censored & suppressed 🚫 by social media platforms & mainstream media, we're looking for you, and we want to give you our business!! (we pay in full & up front) 👍 Please contact Catie at: https://www.justiceforevee.org/contact-us

Anyone who wants to financially sponsor or privately fundraise for a board in their state, with their own design idea (we have our own personal designer 🖌️ who can create your design to fit the billboard's specifications) or with a design we've already used and/or with their .org or built website (that fits in with health freedom), contact me at justiceforevee@gmail.com ❤️

Everyone is asking how they can help! 👏The biggest is helping us with the above, searching & finding 🔎 us the right advertising companies (Lamar, Outfront, Clear Channel, & Reagan are no's. Look for smaller, family owned, right leaning companies) in different states, by spreading the word 📲 about the campaign, or finding someone or a group of people who want to financially 💰 sponsor a billboard. If you'd like to do your own, private fundraiser to help out the campaign that would be so awesome. Sharing and donating, even if it's just $5 a month, that would help us out tremendously!!! ☺️

We have so much TRUTH to get out there! 🙏 Our next goal is a board in Missouri that we need to raise $3,000 for. There are millions of people in this movement. We need just 600 people to donate $5 each & we've reached our goal! We raised that in 1 weekend for this Illinois board! 🥳 Please spread the word! 📣

The time is now to get the truth out there, turn heads, shake people awake, educate them, send them to the right place to 💻 start their research, and get it out in a way where we can't be censored or our message & voice suppressed. THE TRUTH IS ON OUR SIDE. 🙌

To donate 🎁 to the campaign & to the next board, and boards to come, you can do so at:

http://donate4freedomboards.com and if that gives you trouble (it's a forwarded secure domain to the JFE donation site because our website is 🙄 super censored), just go to www.justiceforevee.org/donate or donate via Venmo to @EveesFund or if you're more comfortable sending cash or check via the mail. Checks can be made out to "Catie Clobes" and cash/checks can be sent to:

Justice for Evee

PO Box 545

Howard Lake, MN 55349

Let's make this happen! 💜💛💙

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