Informed Consent Saves Lives

"Ms. Clobes, we want to make you aware that there is a possibility of injury, seizures, encephalitis, there has been an undeniable link to autism, auto-immune disorders and other chronic issues may come from these 6 shots today. And there is a possibility, while small, it's still a possibility, of death. The manufacturers, Pfizer and GlaxoSmithKline are not liable for the shots your daughter will receive today. If something happens, you will be able to file in a separate court where the last association to these shots and "SIDS" was found by the court in 2011. The combination shot she will receive today has not been tested against a placebo, neither has the Prevnar, so we cannot provide you with any real safety or efficacy data as it doesn't exist. However, they were still, somehow, approved by the FDA. Also, pediatric vaccines are not tested for carcinogenicity; however, childhood cancer is the 2nd leading cause of death in children in this country. The DTaP will not protect against pertussis, only the whooping cough symptom of pertussis and even that is not guaranteed. Diphtheria is eradicated in the US. Tetanus can be solved with an immunoglobulin shot if the issue arises where tetanus may be a problem. Hepatitis B is not necessary because your daughter is not in contact with needles or sexually active nor is she around anyone with the disease. These are 6 antigens, and 13 different strands of bacteria we are about to inject into her, and again, they have not all been tested together, in any setting, ever. There is more we can discuss so that you are fully informed, would you like to continue, Ms. Clobes?" "Wow. No, I've heard plenty. We will be passing on her shots today, I have a lot of research to do. Thank you." And I'd be laying down with my daughter, as we speak, kissing her goodnight.... ....if our doctor had truly done her job. 💔 So your next appointment, pull up this post, read it to yourself so you are informed because your doctor won't do it for you, and save your child's life. 🙏

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