How Can Vaccines Cause SIDS?

Did you know that cytokines are not only produced by immune cells in the periphery (in which they can cross the blood brain barrier) but they can also be produced in the brain and spinal cord itself? So when an infant or small child receives her inoculations and tons of cytokines are produced by macrophages, T-lymphocytes, B-lymphocytes, histiocytes and more, an excess of cytokines (which invokes a fever, lethargy, fussiness usually), can disrupt physiological homeostasis. According to some experts, as many as 10% of SIDS cases are attributable to cardiac arrhythmias, and another 1-2% were due to a mutation in a sodium channel gene. That leaves 88% of cases that they've admittedly been "trying" to study for decades but there is one serious common denominator that has been hidden under the rug, intentionally, for the same amount of time. There are many theories on how SIDS occurs and what every true expert will tell you is that healthy babies do not just die. My daughter died 36 hours after her 6 inoculations, her brain swelled, her spleen blew up, she had significant amounts of bacteria in her heart blood and lung, where it did not belong, and rare macrophages, T-lymphocytes, and histiocytes were all found in the leptomeninges across her brain. They tried to say "co-sleeping!" but I knew better, and they didn't get away with it. Inoculations induce SIDS in vulnerable infants, it's not a secret. You will never be able to determine if your little baby is vulnerable or not, and don't think it won't happen to you. It is not uncommon anymore. #SaveYourBaby

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