Happy Anniversary & Amendment to our "Sleeper Pin"

Today is the two year anniversary of our signature "sleeper pin". 💛

Many causes/charities have a symbol or color of awareness that is easily identifiable. Breast cancer awareness has a pink ribbon. Mental health awareness has the color green. So to stand for "vaccine-induced infant death", we have.. the "yellow sleeper".

Evee passed away in a pink monkey sleeper. Two years ago, I posted about that sleeper and the kind gesture of a supporter:

“There was this sleeper Evee was wearing when she passed. It was a favorite, nice and easy to put on. They ripped it down the middle when they brought her in the ambulance, of course. In the hospital, the nurse came to me with this sleeper and asked me if I wanted to keep it and I snapped and said “No! Throw it away, I never want to see it again!”. I really regret that.

Then a sweet stranger read our story and sent a gift in the mail with a note saying it was for the moments my heart longs to snuggle her. I bawled, uncontrollably, in my car at the post office. It was an exact replica of the sleeper I wish I would have kept. That sleeper haunts my thoughts everyday. Singing to my daughter and looking at her, thinking she was so “cozy”, still sleeping…… Saying her name, louder and louder, with more panic, because she wasn’t moving. Holding my baby, screaming to God to wake her up, screaming at the 911 operator to hurry, “I know she’s dead, oh my God, I know she’s dead” plays over and over in my head, watching the EMT run my daughter out to the ambulance, watching them cut that sleeper open and start compressions on her pale chest.

But now I see this sleeper, new and clean, and it reminds me of the sleeper I used to put on my happy, beautiful baby. It’s not haunting to look at, and I’m so thankful I have it back. She’s wearing this sleeper, with gorgeous angel wings, up in Heaven.”

Nearly two years later and just a few months ago, I found out that Evee's sleeper never really got thrown away. A girlfriend happened to be talking with our County Sheriff and brought it up, and he gave her a number to call. Miraculously, that same day, I had gotten back her original onesie and sleeper from the "Sheriff's Evidence Room".

I originally created this pin to symbolize all of the babies who had died unexpectedly and whose deaths were labeled "undetermined" or "SIDS", without any true answers as to how they really passed away. This past year, after much reflection on my insane fight and the specific struggles & adversity I have faced due to the controversial nature of how my daughter died, I've decided to "amend" the meaning and significance of our sleeper and who it specifically represents. The grieving parents of the small victims of "vaccine-induced infant death" face different kinds of struggles then, say, parents who had a baby unexpectedly die, and they do genetic testing to discover their infant died of a genetic heart defect. We know that healthy babies don't just die, and still want to help and support parents seek out the unexplained answers to their infant's death. We know that about 10% of sudden unexpected infant deaths are due to a genetic cardiac malformation. I'd like these infants and their families to have their own organization and symbol of awareness some day. The families and victims of "vaccine-induced infant death" make up a much larger percentage of sudden unexpected infant deaths. They also face massive push back and possible corruption, coverup, gaslighting, and harassment from the mainstream medical community, the mainstream media, and groups of uneducated, harmful individuals who feel it's their mission to attack and belittle anyone who speaks out against vaccines, even when the evidence, studies, confirmation, and admission regarding adverse reactions after receipt of vaccinations, including unexpected death, has existed for decades. This group of infants and their families are singled out among other "sudden unexpected infant death" victims and families, and I think it's only fair that we distinguish these deaths instead of clumping them all into one category like science and medicine have been deceitfully doing for decades.

So our neutral-color infant onesie "sleeper pin" exists to forever symbolize the baby boys and girls who unexpectedly pass away as a result of the vaccinations they received, to signify the many parents who are left holding on to that empty sleeper, without any answers or closure to their little one's death, and to represent "Justice for Evee" as the one and only organization who will guide those grieving parents, financially fund their pursuit, and do everything in our power to help them obtain the answers they need and deserve.

If you don't have a "sleeper pin", you need one! They're an incredible conversation starter! 😉

God bless everyone and thank you so much for all your love and support. 🙏 In a month and a half, the "Justice for Evee" organization will be 2 years old and Evee will be a heavenly three. 🥺


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