Updated: Jul 19, 2020

My name is Gretchen, and I am a healthy 6-month-old little girl! 👋

Now, don’t tell my mommy I told you this - but she used to roll her eyes at people who said “vaccines caused harm” because she believed the pediatrician when he said “they were safe”! 😏

My oldest sister is athletic and has lots of energy but she is 12 and fully vaccinated (minus that gross Gardasil), she is sick a good amount of the year.

My next oldest sister is 10. She is what they call “vaccine injured”. Sensitive and emotional in social situations. A wonderful student. She did fine with shots until school. She experienced temps at 105 and was projectile vomiting. She had 3 seizures within 5 hours of her vaccines. She has missed a lot of school, she is always sick. Mom & dad’s thinking started to change a bit after that.

My 8-year-old sister is an outgoing social butterfly!! When she received 4 routine vaccines, 48 hours later, she was unable to walk. She was eventually diagnosed with synovitis of the hip and put on pain meds and antibiotics. She couldn’t walk for 2 weeks. She now has extreme asthma and allergies. My parents were waking up to the "reality" a bit more.

Mom was diagnosed with an MTHFR mutation after a tragedy trying for a 4th baby. Mom and dad tried 9 more tragedies 💔 before they finally became pregnant with me.

Again, my name is Gretchen - and I am thankfully unvaccinated. 🙌❤️

My mom wanted to personally tell Evee and her mommy: “Evee, you changed my mind and my heart. You were the piece of the story that I needed to hear and see. I speak of Catie and Evee daily, on the phone to other mothers, friends, and even my own mother. My children know who Evee is and they know her story. My eight year old will tell you that “healthy babies just don’t die.” Everyday, I promise myself that I will give myself grace. I will forgive myself for trusting someone because they are a doctor. I will ask ALL the questions without caring who thinks I am difficult. I will do the research because my daughters DESERVE the best. Know better, do better. ❤️ Catie, I don’t know you, but I think of you ten times a day. I never stop praying for you. You educated me, and I will forever love you for waking us the hell up.”

Evee, you saved me from what could have been another tragedy for my parents, and I know you are looking over me and my entire family, and we are no longer afraid. 💪

Lots of hugs because that’s my favorite!!

- Baby Gretchen


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