This is Grayson Elias!! Such a handsome little boy!! This is his mother’s powerful story of her awakening:

I had been waiting to have kids until the right time so when we found out we were pregnant, I was beyond ecstatic! The pregnancy was not complicated but we had some offsets. I developed cholestasis so we were going to induce at 37 weeks but my son, being the leader that he is, decided to come at 36 weeks. Emergency c-section was done along with a 4-day hospital stay since he was technically a preemie. I was asked if we wanted to give him the Hep B shot, and I naturally, unhesitantly said "no". The staff was compliant and told me to just follow-up with urgent care in a week since it was Thanksgiving, so we did.

Grayson fed very well at the hospital and everything was normal. He was a dream! A week goes by and we go to urgent care to get him checked out. Grayson received his Hep B shot that day. Soon after, our baby, non-stop, and we couldn't figure out why but then I realized "he hasn't pooped, maybe he's constipated.” So we go back to urgent care. The pediatrician shows off my beautiful boy to the staff and then gives him an enema. He sends me off with the craziest explanation which I now realize is one of the most insane things I've ever heard, "some babies need to learn how to poop so for now you will have to help him out and switch his formula to gentle." I go "phew! We got answers and he'll be good now." We go & buy new formula and a safe, baby “laxative”.

I watched my son suffer for months with his bowel movements. Next thing you know, his 2 month appointment is here. Oh no. Shots are due. I'm going alone because my husband's working. I ask my husband "do we have to do the shots?! I don't want to be the one to watch and hold him while this is happening!" So although for me it was more of a "tough for mom to watch deal", Ii still questioned it. “Trust your doctor”. Six shots are given and my son looks at me with a heartbreaking "how could you let this happen to me" look and starts sobbing. I cry too and tell him it will be OK. We eventually go home after all the crying.. I stupidly post a picture of my boy being “smiley & brave on his first round”. He develops no fever but I stupidly still give him Tylenol "just in case". “Trust your doctor.”

He still has trouble pooping. He no longer wants to breastfeed so it's all formula. It’s the 21st day after those shots. My son develops a rash like redness on his face and body. I tried everything and it didn’t go anywhere. It’s like it was happening internally. We go back to the doctor within 4 days or so of it’s appearance. His regular pediatrician wasn't there but I didn't care, I wanted my son checked because his skin looks like it's about to peel off! The pediatrician checks him. She sees no urgency and she tells me to change my baby's detergent to fragrance free and clear, that sometimes baby's skin is just adjusting to the world and it's environmental. Well his skin has been even fine up until now, even with the detergent, but fine I'll get organic detergent, hand soaps, body wash, cleaning stuff, you name it and we bought it!

We went home that night & my husband says to me "what if it's the shots?" Ding! Light bulb goes off in my head and research mongering begins. I talk to a friend of mine who is known not to vaccinate and the first story I see is Nicholas Catone and the second one was Evee’s.. I watched the YouTube video about Nick & Marjorie Catone’s son, wow, mom is a nurse!

But then.. I READ Evee's story. I felt I was part of that fateful night. I sobbed. Then sobbed to my son telling him I was sorry, to please forgive me, to please fight those toxins in his body and if he lived, I swore to him that never again will he get a shot of any kind and that I would get rid of that garbage in his body! Then I sobbed some more to my husband. I had him read Evee's story. It made him cry & ask our son for forgiveness!

One week later, my son was sleeping in my arms when he suffered a minor seizure. I was half asleep with him so I didn't see it but I felt it. It was literally like 30 seconds so I wasn't sure but a mom knows when something is off. We didn't take him to the doctors with the bogus explanations. We did our research on detoxification for our son and have been doing so ever since.

My son is now 18 months. He hasn't had another seizure but does have a bit of eczema still which I do know is a direct link to vaccines, but that’s OK. It's very minor. If that's all he has, we thank God for our blessing and Evee for opening our eyes. Grayson is thriving and I'm always told how "alive" he is and I always say "it's because he's not being vaccinated". I'm so very sorry for your loss but I always thank Evee in my prayers.

Thank you Evee. You saved my son. I promise you - your short life will not be in vain! I will make sure Grayson thanks you for the rest of his life for saving his. Fly high beautiful angel!”

*What Grayson suffered was vaccine injury, an allergic reaction to his vaccinations. The constipation, eczema, seizures, the dangerous “immune system rash” on the cheeks and other parts of the body - they’re all listed on vaccine inserts. These were signs his body was giving his mother. With every set of vaccinations, the injuries get worse. Grayson’s mother really needs to thank her husband for bringing up his shots, and herself for saving her son’s life. Many parents dismiss these injuries and continue vaccinating until they’ve become so severe there is no going back. God bless Grayson’s parents for being open and saving their son’s life!

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