Final Pathology Report Arrived

The report came today. Evee's final full pathologic study from our third pathologist with over 42 years of experience in the field of pathology and a specialty in neuropathology.

The answers I have waited 546 days for. The research, work, sweat, tears that I fought to find.

When the ME refused to give anymore tissues or do anymore tests, you all supported me & helped me raise money to get a local lawyer, and get most of Evee's wet tissues out of that pit of corruption of a medical examiner office.

When I needed a place to store Evee's tissues while I found another pathologist, you all encouraged me to take a leap to reach out and surprisingly find the perfect holding spot, and Evee's second pathology study was done at that University where evidence was found of multiple infiltrations in her brain. Motivating me to find that "perfect neuropathologist" who hadn't made vaccine their religion, completely unbiased knows that vaccines do have adverse reactions and induction of a "SIDS" death is the ultimate one.

When the ME corruptly changed the cause of death 2 days after I asked for a confirmation immunostain test on a cellular infiltration that was found by my first neuropathologist, and asked for my daughter's medulla, you all believed MY story RIGHT away even before I proved it. (that infiltration was imperative to my daughter's true cause of death)

Your donations have and continue to pay for our 3 neuropathologist studies, tissue transfers, local legal fees, and a couple of ethical experts testimonies. Expert testimony expenses when we go to court. Awareness. They've paid for billboards to put pressure on the medical board and to wake up a TON of people to the truth!

Your support and love have helped me stay strong, stay "alive", my God it's been so hard with the attacks. (I'm "snotty bawling") I honestly can't tell you how I've done what I've done. But after I sue the hell out of that medical examiner's office and that ugly, liberal peacock, I'll help another parent do the same.

I told you Evee Gayle, "Until my heart is black and blue, I will fight for you."

And in case you were wondering, if Evee wouldn't have gotten her vaccines that day, she'd be alive. That is the SCIENCE.

Thank goodness the medical board let me submit this report today as late evidence for the medical examiner's medical board investigation!!

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