Facebook, Instagram, and Fauci

Well, I don't have much to say here that I haven't said before. This is the 4th time being kicked off Facebook for simply sharing the truth (one time it was my opinion, but it was an excellent opinion, so I'm not sure what they haven't against me). Facebook & Instagram are one in the same and I re-posted the picture that I received an Instagram warning for, so I may not be there anymore either. I'm OK with that. These platforms are as bad as the liberal mainstream media, censor the truth and push the lies with as much fear-mongering propaganda and subtle coercion as possible. They're toxic. Unfortunately, so many who still need a "shake awake" remain devoted to them, and that's why I stay to share the truth until they don't allow me to any longer.

Umm, misinformation that could cause physical harm? Come again? The full picture is below. I didn't make the original post, I saw it in the comments of someone's post and just re-posted it. I can't take credit for it but it was an excellent post!

Have you read Fauci's emails? None of the above is inaccurate. You really need to be asking yourself some serious questions right now if you're still wearing a mask or considering receiving that nasty vaccine from the largest criminal pharmaceutical company & habitual-offending felon (Pfizer), or the company who has paid over $2.2 billion in criminal & civil fees for hiding the fact that it's talc-based baby powder caused cancer, and it's subsidiaries lying about misbranding anti-psychotic drugs, giving kick-backs to nursing homes pharmacies for prescribing those drugs, the list goes on and not to mention there Covid-19 vaccination was immediately halted after numerous VAERS reports but the public received no thorough explanation as to why (Johnson & Johnson), OR Fauci's company (Moderna), no explanation needed on that one.

So while I'm being kicked off social media again for sharing the truth, I will be here on my blog, where I can't be censored. In the meantime, the numerous hit pages, groups, and accounts that exist on multiple social media entities continue to harass & smear me, my every action, my daughter's memory, our story, gaslight, manipulate, and lie to people, start unfounded rumors they always end up deleting after they're proven wrong, these all get to remain as they have for over 18 months now, despite thousands or reports from thousands of people. If Facebook wants to continue to break their own "Community Standards" and aid in the damage these sociopathic pages/groups/accounts/posts/rumors/lies have and continue to cause me, that will soon be on them & their legal department.

In the meantime, could I ask a favor? That when you come across the abusive pages, etc. such as these two, https://www.facebook.com/vaccines.DO.NOT.cause.SIDS & https://www.facebook.com/Justice-for-Evee-105490331232690 could you please report every single post, nasty comment, and the page itself and screenshot & save Facebook's response to you? I will need & request those from the public very soon. Anything with #justiceforevee that is posted is in violation of trademark infringement since I own this hashtag and it is federally registered with the USPTO, so report it as such.

I really appreciate it!

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