Evidence from Evee's Final Pathology Exam

I've been asked nonstop for Evee's pathology results from people. Everyone. Random people in the movement, trolls of course. "Prove it, prove it". I really don't have a damn thing to prove to anyone. This report was for me, for my sanity, my heart, my mind.

I will protect the neuropathologist who did this study. The last time I named one of my neuropathologists, NBC contacted him and made up quotes from him and stuck them in their libel article. I have it in writing with him denying the quotes. After that, he didn't want anything to do with Evee's case because it was so public and he had been misquoted about a child's death like that.

I won't put up a report where the world can read about all my daughter's brain and body tissues, I won't give the people who have belittled, degraded, harassed, and attacked me about my daughter's death that satisfaction.

This is what happened and this is all the public is getting. That's your proof, and the only reason I am providing these pictures of her report is for those people on the edge of not vaccinating. The ones who have been following my story and just need that extra push. If I can save one more baby by posting these pictures, it's all worth it.

SIDS is a syndrome, not a disease. There's always a cause, and in vulnerable infants and children, vaccines can induce SIDS/SUDC.

Now we wait for the Minnesota Medical Board to finish their investigation and make their decision on the fate of the medical examiner who screwed Evee's autopsy and punitively changed her cause of death based on false findings. Then the real fight starts.

"And if I could turn back the clock, I'd make sure the light defeated the dark. I'd spend every hour, of every day, keeping you safe."

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