Every Requested Test Refused

Well after a call with the Anoka County Medical Examiner regarding Evee's autopsy, toxicology was negative, they still hadn't found anything as to the cause of her death. 😑 This woman was so "by the book" with her responses and I hadn't even brought up vaccines and here she was already defending them, telling me she has and will always get her children vaccinated. She started to say to me "listen, you're a part of a group..." and I abruptly stopped her and said "NO! I'm not a part of any group. I vaccinated my child and now she's dead!" The answer "SIDS".... I can feel it coming. HEALTHY BABIES don't just die! After decades of being told they do, I don't accept it. MY HEALTHY BABY DIDN'T JUST DIE a day and a half after vaccinations. It's NOT "SIDS". We'd have less "SIDS" related deaths if everyone just took a closer damn look, and I am. Midwest Medical Examiner's have refused to do any vaccination-related testing or a molecular autopsy, even when I said I'd pay, and so I'm having a second, private study with all the right tests done to really determine what happened to my little Evee. I also met with my lawyer today, he is incredible, and there's not a doubt in my mind he will help achieve #justiceforevee and her story will make some noise and hopefully produce some real change. ♥️ I know this picture is raw but I want to make a loud statement. NO MOTHER should ever have to bury their child and not be given a reason as to why. Please share and help me fight for my baby.

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