"...even when I'm down to my last breath..."

I thought I was protecting my daughter, and what was supposed to "protect" her, took her life in just 36 hours. 😔

SIDS is not a syndrome, it's not a disease, there is always a cause to a SIDS episode, and in a vulnerable infant, vaccines can induce a SIDS death.

You may have been told vaccinating may reduce the risk of SIDS but that is a foolish, ludicrous lie that makes absolutely no sense.

Vaccines took my daughter's life in less than 2 days. They've taken thousands of sweet babies before her and they've taken many after her.

I now have been awakened to the truth and realize that injections don't belong in any human, our bodies were made with a God given genetic code that is not meant to be triggered. But they sure as hell don't belong in our tiniest, defenseless of infants who have no voice and no developed immune system.

Screaming your child's name and holding their lifeless body in your arms, hearing a doctor tell you "we couldn't find a heartbeat, I'm sorry, she has passed on", the loss of sanity, the temporary loss of a will to live, the loss of good health, the lack of feeling any joy, having your baby's bone fragments and ashes in your bedroom, the unbearable pain that comes along with all of this hell and more - I would wish on nobody. Nobody. 💔

As a parent, I believe it is your choice to vaccinate your child or not, but you've been warned. Death is a risk, and it should be too big of a risk to take.

Through my excruciating pain, exhaustion, damaged health, and constant tears, I will not stop screaming the truth and fighting for the vulnerable until this is stopped, Evee & God will make sure of it, and before I throw my heart into that, believe that I am getting justice for Evee. 🙏

"I'll reach my hand out... in the dark and wait for yours to... interlock.. I'll wait for you, I'll wait for you.." 🥺😭❤️

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