Evee's Tongue Singing

Sweet Evee Gayle. 😍 She was just about to hit 4 months old and she had discovered the power of her tongue!! It was hilarious! Then the singing started a week or so after and she actually sang sometimes, like a little angel! 😇 She sang me a song every night. 🎶 Boob to singing, boob to singing, over and over and that's usually how she put herself to sleep.

It really helps to share her personality and these stories, it probably helps my grief and pain more than anything. She wasn't just "some woman's baby". She was a beautiful, funny, happy-go-lucky baby with such a big ❤️ heart, a contagious laugh & smile, and a sweet soul 🙏 that I need to try and bless everyone with. Oh and that infamous "tuft" of hair!! She deserves to be remembered. Forever. By everyone. ♥️

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