Evee's Angel Gown

From my sister, Evee's aunt:

"It's been my intention for some time to donate my mom's wedding dress to a group of volunteers who make Angel Gowns for babies that have passed. They use the wedding dress to create something beautiful for little ones to be laid to rest in. I was having difficulty finding a place that would accept donations (they receive many!) and had found a group north of me that might take another donation... I just hadn't had time to make the drive.

Our family's tragedy yesterday required that we find something for our angel Evee to wear. Angel Gowns popped into my mind... But where would we get one? And with less than a day's notice. 😫 Trying to find a place to start, I called the local hospital and spoke with a nurse at their birthing center. (Nurses are amazing, btw.) She said they had some gowns on hand but most were sadly, for babies up to 8lbs. Still, she had been with baby Evee while she was at the hospital that day and said she would absolutely check and call me right back.

Almost an hour passed and I hadn't received a call back. I was a little sad, a little worried - I know nurses get busy and thought we were maybe forgotten about. We had just a few hours to find something for her before stores closed. Then I got the call back. When I answered, the nurse said unfortunately none of the gowns they had would fit. However... she had the names of local volunteers who made Angel Gowns and called every one on the list until someone answered. 💕 She gave the woman my phone number and informed me that they were going to make Evee a gown that night. I spoke with this woman and her sister a few times, and just over 12 hours later we picked up a blanket, bonnet, and 2 gowns (so we could choose) created just for our precious dolly.

The fact that something this devastating can happen has caused me to lose some faith. We dont have answers yet and how in God's name can a little person so happy, healthy, and perfect be suddenly taken? But on the other hand, people we had never met spent a considerable amount of time into the night to help. To make her look as beautiful and perfect as she always was. And to make our last moments with Evee special, which is incredibly encouraging. 😥 Also, we've now found Angel Gown volunteers to donate our wedding dresses to. So if another family has to go through unspeakable heartbreak, they can have something beautiful to say goodbye in." 💔

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