Enough is Enough

I have had it. You think I've been loud but I've just called out rotten actions and not the rotten players. You think people would be extra careful, extra cautious, very precise when it comes to the death of an infant, and dealing with that infant's furious, grieving mother.


First they put a sociopath in the chief medical examiner position and that sociopath botches my daughter's autopsy. Ignores NUMEROUS indicators of the 6 injections given 36 hours prior to death being the culprit. She tells MDH that a significant condition was the injections but doesn't put it in the autopsy.

She purposely doesn't send my hired neuropathologist the most important part of Evee's brain, and when a cellular infiltration is found in Evee's brain, she sends disturbing emails to my investigating county, and then FALSIFIES documents and changes the cause of death and admits it's because of my desire to petition the NVICP (even though I never told her that). Let's realize, a cellular infiltration was FOUND and she disregards that too!

Then she releases ALL of Evee's tissues EXCEPT the ones where hypoxic ischemic change and the cellular infiltration have been found, and has given absolutely no reason. She is holding 12 tissue blocks hostage for an obvious reason.

Anoka County refuses to give me a meeting with the county administrator. They are well aware of the misconduct of their medical examiner. They have taken over TWO MONTHS to get me my public data request when Wright County and MDH got it to me in less than a month.

The Deputy County Administrator tells me to send a check, confirms the check was received and the data was sent two Wednesdays ago. She tells me to check in if I didn't receive it this past week. So I check in on Friday and this broad is out until November 12th!!

So either they're lying or THE most sensitive, private material that could ever exist is floating around out there because they didn't send it certified OR with tracking!!

So I get ahold of the timid assistant county attorney (with my lawyer cc'd) and this guy won't even talk to me directly about this because "I've made clear I'm going to take action against their medical examiner" (only on social media). This county attorney CONFIRMS the address that they apparently sent it to, my PO Box address, the address I gave them.

So I get a message from a stranger, he has a box from Anoka County that I definitely want. The data request from Anoka County. They sent it to the WRONG damn address. My late daughter's autopsy, pictures of her cut open, every little thing about her death and Anoka County is careless enough to send it to the wrong address with no tracking, as if it's nothing. What the hell is more certified than this??

I am SO SICK of certain government in Minnesota and the evil in this country being so disrespectful and dismissive of Evee.

She was NOT just another death that didn't matter, nobody's child is!!

You have made yourself one big enemy, and I'm going to do everything I can to hold every single one of you involved in the negligence of my daughter's death, and every negligent encounter after, accountable.

This is not a rant, this is not a threat, this is a promise.

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