This beautiful little sweetheart is "Darian" & she is 9 months old, and completely unvaccinated. 🥰 From her mother, Hayley:

"This is Darian. ❤️ She is the healthiest, happiest little girl. She sleeps all night, every night (9:00-10:00PM - 7:30-8:30AM) since she was about 2 months old! 👏 Some say I’m just “lucky” don’t get me wrong, I am very lucky, but I personally put her overall health and contentment down to being vaccine free. I'm grateful I learned about vaccines when I did, before it was too late, and I could confidently say NO! 🙌 I got looking into vaccines while I was pregnant because of my mother-in-law planting a seed, because I, like many others, wouldn’t have even questioned them otherwise. They give them to babies, of course they’re safe!? 😒 For that reason, I don’t judge others for their decision to vaccinate, but I try to plant that seed now too. 🌱 All I ask is they truly look for themselves at the ☠️ risks, and then decide. Proper informed consent which sadly we don't get in a doctor's office anymore. 😔 Unfortunately, it shocks me how defensive people get over this subject and just "don’t want to hear it." Because, ya know, "science" which usually means citing bold-faced false statements on the partial CDC's website which the CDC has been sued over, and partial because... they own vaccine patents & their top employees like to go work as the head of pharmaceutical companies after awhile. 🙄😑 Anyways! 🤗 I came across Evee’s story while on my journey 💓💔 and it confirmed my decision as the right one. Catie. I’ve cried countless tears 😭 for you and for Evee. Thank you, you are so strong! I’m not sure I would have the strength to do what you do. Evee is definitely proud of her momma. As are a lot of people. People you’ve never even met, you've touched. You and Evee are LITERALLY saving so many lives!" 🙏👼🙆 Sweet Darian 💕 will talk some day soon, and she will look up towards the sky, and talk to the angel who has been looking out for her... "Thank you, Evee. Thank you for helping to save me".

#SavedByEvee 💜💛💙

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