Corruption, Negligence, and Proof

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

Warning: This post contains sensitive material.

March 1st, 2019

06:57:03 Hours

Caller: Catelin Beth Clobes

Type: 911 Center Call

CO: 911, What's the address of your emergency? ME: *** *** ******. Howard Lake. Oh. CO: Did you say 500 *** ******? ME: *** CO: ***. Okay. ME: Oh my god. Oh my god. CO: What's going on? ME: My daughter - my daughter - I think she's dead. CO: Okay. And you said this is Howard Lake. Right? Ma'am? ME: Yes. CO: You said this is in Howard Lake. Correct? ME: Yes. Yes. CO: Okay. Why do you think your daughter is dead? ME: (Unintelligible). She's cold. CO: I need you to - ma'am can you - can you step out of the room and take a deep breath? ME: She's cold. Oh my God. CO: I know this is hard but I need you to think clearly here. Okay? Ma'am. ME: She's six months old. CO: Okay. Six months old? Okay. ME: Oh my god. She's cold. CO: Okay. She's not breathing? ME: No. CO: Okay. Is anyone there with you? ME: (Unintelligible). CO: Ma'am. ME: I'm the only one here. CO: You're the only one there? Okay. ME: Oh my god. CO: Ma'am I do have a lot of help that's on the way out to you. Okay? What's your... ME: Oh my god this can't be real. CO: Okay. Ma'am do you live in an ap.... ME: Oh my god. This can't be real. CO: Do you live in an apartment building? ME: Yes. Address revelation not disclosed for privacy reasons. ME: Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god. Jesus Christ. CO: What's your name? ME: Catey. CO: Did you say Ca-Catey? ME: Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god. CO: Ma'am did you say your name was Catey? ME: Yes. CO: What's - what's your last name Catey. ME: Oh my god. I can't believe this happened. Oh god. This can't be real. This can't be real. This can't be real. Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god. Please. Oh my god. Please this can't be real. This can't be. Evee. Evee. Oh. Oh. CO: Catey are you there? Catey like I said I do have a lot of help on the way out to you right now. ME: I can't believe this. This can't be real. CO: I understand. ME: This can't be real. Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god. This is because she was sleeping with me. Oh my god. Evee. Here I am. Her body's so cold. I thought she was just sleeping in. Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh god. Oh my god. Evee baby. Evee. Oh. I can't believe this. I can't believe this. I don't what happened Evee? Oh my god. I can't. Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my god. Please. Please. MEDIC: (Unintelligible) ME: Oh my god. Where are they? I can't wait anymore. CO: Ma'am they're on their way as fast as they can. Okay? I have one that's just coming in to Howard Lake now and the ambulance is on the way so they should be there any minute. Okay? ME: Oh my god. CO: I'm gonna need you to let them into the apartment when they get there. Okay, Catey? ME: It's open. It's open. CO: It's open? Okay. ME: Oh my god. Oh my god. The red. The red. CO: Catey I'm - is that the ambulance? MEDIC: Hi there. CO: Okay. Catey I'm gonna let you go and talk to them. Okay? MEDIC: Tell me what happened. ME: I woke up and she was like this. MEDIC: Okay.

You obviously know what this is. I'd like to thank NBC for making one of the most private, tragic moments of my life available for the public to read in an attempt to twist the truth of her death into a co-sleeping matter. Classy.

I had woke up and looked over at Evee, nothing was around her, she looked as if she was sleeping. I went to the bathroom. I came back. Panic and screaming ensued, and I turned and lifted Evee up and what I saw on the left side of her face was mortifying. I had no idea what I was seeing but it looked like she had been bashed just on her left cheek and up by her eye. I say "this is because she was sleeping with me" because I'm looking around the bed, the entire call, confused, not knowing what had happened, in shock. Notice how "I don't know what happened" followed.

I had just found my daughter, cold, pale, gone. I say "the red the red" because of the left side of her face. I found out this is called livor mortis and the left cheek is the only place on her face that had it. It soon went away once we got to the hospital and what was left was a "sandpaper-like rash" that she had 4-6 hours post injections. Look up livor mortis and you'll see why I was mortified and confused. Yet NBC took this at the request of the medical examiner and twisted it to fit her narrative. Nice try, Brandy.

A recent data request reveals that the medical examiner who did Evee's autopsy conspired with NBC to write this article in hopes that "this would finally go away". Oh, you think I'm going to be quiet NOW? Ha.

Over 100 pages of my public data request are redacted and blacked out. I wonder why? This is not legal, by the way.

Evee's death was undetermined. The case was closed. Investigators believed me because my story and Evee's appearance matched up perfectly, yet things were left out of the investigative report. Then I got LOUD, I requested my daughter's medulla and that confirmation test, and 2 days later she changed it. But it didn't stop there because then I got LOUDER.

If you think I'm going to stop exposing the corruption and the lies for a single second, you are wrong. I have NOTHING to hide and SO much to share. I am an open book. I've shared some real proofs with you below. Something some people can't really do. 😒

Only one place where all these proofs will look better! (insert courtroom emoji here)

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