"CJ" & "Rip"

This post is in dedication to "National Infant Immunization Week"! 😃

This is Cj & Rip, aren't they both just gorgeous?? 😍

Cj is a happy 10 month old baby boy! At his 2 month shots, he had some terrible reactions, and his mom got a bad feeling. She started researching and came across Evee Clobes' story. After reading about Evee's tragic fate, it just clicked for her, it all made so much sense. That shots are causing SIDS!! She refuses to "sacrifice her child to a science experiment" ever again.

Rip is also a 10 month old baby boy! He also got sick after his 2 month shots, and that's when his mother dove deep into her research. Her friend had initially planted a seed but she didn't listen. She came across Evee's story and that was it. She wasn't going to put Rip through the roulette again.

Both mothers have told me today that Evee's story saved their son's lives, and they are forever grateful for that.

So here's to National Infant Immunization Week:

- there's no such thing as an immunization

- the vast majority of SIDS cases are induced by shots

- wake up to the propaganda before it's too late

- an infant's immune system doesn't even develop until 2 yrs old

- stop harming your babies with toxic poison that could kill them

This week is not one to celebrate but one to mourn. 💔

And keep going my dolly!! Keep saving babies!! 🥰

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