Be Prepared 

Medical freedom. Parental rights. That's what we should all be fighting for. Regardless of our beliefs. You will protect your child with your beliefs, and I will with mine.

However, if you believe that shooting up your child with 25-30 different illnesses, toxins, metals, etc. before one year of age, be prepared.

Be prepared to walk in and find your baby without a pulse. Be prepared to find your baby cold. Be prepared to find a dried bubble of blood coming from their nose. Be prepared for them to not turn their head or open their eyes when you say their name. Be prepared for lights, ambulance, chaos. Be prepared for a doctor to tell you your child has passed on. Be prepared to have to go back to your home, hours after you've left your lifeless child for one of the last times, and reenact the most horrific scene of your life. Be prepared for constant, indescribable pain.

Be prepared for your child to be a statistic. Be prepared for nobody who should give a damn to give a damn. Be prepared for no answers regarding your child's death. Be prepared to do the "work" yourself. Be prepared for a fight if you try.

If your belief is to get your infant or toddler vaccinated, it means you're willing to sacrifice your child to protect a lie.

It's your parental right to choose, absolutely. Just be prepared.

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