Aviana, Evee, Remy Rochester Billboard

Now this is what matters! 🙌😭 These three sweet lives 👼👼👼 and their stories along with hundreds of other babies and childrens' mean more than anything going on right now! 💔❤️💔

Aviana Wood's story: https://circleofmamas.com/mama-stories/avianas-story/ 💜

Remy Starkey's story: https://circleofmamas.com/vaccine-injury-stories/remys-story-sudden-death-the-same-night-of-his-2-month-shots/ 💚

Evee's story is on this website, of course.

Thank you to our donors, these boards make such an impact. 👀 To donate to extend the time of this board and to get more boards up you can do so at www.justiceforevee.org/donate or Venmo @EveesFund and note that it is for awareness. 💜💙💛

We have so many angel babies who deserve their own billboard and the Mayo Clinic is the best location.

To read more vaccine-induced "SIDS" and/or infant death by vaccine tragedies, please visit our affiliate "CircleOfMamas" at www.circleofmamas.com 💜

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