Another Screw-Up in Evee's Investigation & Trolls Helped Find It...& Much More

This past Friday night, I was at my grief retreat at Faith's Lodge. I was sent a screenshot by a friend, no ill intentions. It was a screenshot from a post on one of the many slanderous JFE pages on Facebook. Now they're diving deep into everything they can that I've shared and forming new lies, implementing completely unfounded crap in their posts. The abuse, gaslighting, slander, stalking has really stepped up since I announced my representation by James Mermigis, esq. and official intent to pursue a libel/defamation lawsuit against NBC. If it was even possible for any of the abuse to be stepped up because it has been pure hell since that piece of NBC garbage was printed, and it has worn on me and every fiber of my physical, emotional, mental being. Worn is such an understatement and I'm too tired to "thesaurus it" right now.

I saw the post, I read it, and I broke down. It ruined the rest of my retreat. I made the decision to get rid of all social media, and left notice and uninstalled it all by the next day. These people are taking my daughter's death scene reenactment photos, and analyzing them, making up more lies (like that Dr. Douglas Miller was the final neuropathologist who determined Evee's cause of death to be from vaccines and wrote the report, IT'S NOT HIM). That I call a troll a "stupid stupid woman" on Facebook after she is implicating me in being the cause of my daughter's death and am banned for 30 days, but all these awful pages & posts have got to stay up. Winning NBC is not soon enough, I want these pages down now because I can't sleep at night. I have contacted a firm that is very interested in pursuing a case (on contingency) against Facebook for leaving these pages up after multiple reports. They can't believe what they're seeing, and they don't even know much of the back story. This is very very early on, and it's not my main focus and I even regret putting more on my plate now. I don't think much before I do things, I'm impulsive or I used to be before Evee's death changed who I was, but I am extremely impulsive when it comes to protecting myself, my kids, Evee, this case, her name her legacy, my reputation. So if you wouldn't mind making a screenshot and saving your reports to Facebook about these slanderous "JFE" pages and their posts, and screenshot and save Facebook's responses. Appeal or disagree with the decision, screenshot that, and screenshot their bullshit response back to you. Tuck it away in your cloud for me because I will be coming out and asking for what you have. If Facebook thinks I'm letting them off the hook after being one of the main sources/platforms of the ongoing defamation & abuse that I have faced since that hit piece came out, Zuckerberg is crazier than we all thought. Great article here.

Now back to the specific post that set me off. It was pointed out that in my final neuropathologist's report, a portion of it that I have in my blog, that he noted that Evee's right arm was down, and her left arm was up. A simple oversight, I knew. They made it into something so huge, started their gaslighting, they still think Dr. Douglas Miller wrote the report so they're saying that. Well, I couldn't have an oversight in the final report of Evee's cause of death findings and conclusions. So I emailed the pathologist right away, and mentioned to him the oversight that I needed amended. He needed additional information and to see the image again, and apologized. Wonderful man.

However, the neuropathologist mentioned that he had taken the reenactment detail on her positioning straight from the investigative report. So I went to the investigative report and sure enough, the primary investigator wrote in the reenactment wrong, and it's correct in the rest of the investigative report and obvious photos (which everyone thinks NBC supplied them the full report, but they did not). So yet again, another mistake in the investigation of the Evee Clobes death. This investigator wasn't at the reenactment. This is the detective that Dr. Quinn Strobl emailed and spoke with the day she amended the cause of death, who supplied her with no new information and was confused on why she was even contacting him about it. (see data request proofs in other posts in the blog). Well, some witness...

Of course, after doing all of this (on my grief retreat, ugh, my own fault because I can't ever let things like this go), I sent a long and detailed email to my medical board contact, and if anything, this will only benefit my complaint. So for once, a trolling sociopath helped out. Keep trying to find flaws or something "not right" in my story to try and discredit it, you're doing a "great" job.

I'm almost kind of insulted that they're still underestimating my efficiency, intelligence, and perseverance. 😑 I thought I had proven myself by now but what do you care? (talking to the people stalking & harassing me & being completely sarcastic)

All these slanderous comments from these awful people. I'm some "grifter, who killed her child, using the lie to live off of donations." Or, "she probably hasn't even paid her attorney, it's all a lie, she will never file". My favorite was "she took all that money from those stupid people who donated to her big "times square billboard"scheme and where's the board?" In case ya'll didn't see. ⬇️ You can also hear my live interview with Scott Adams on his morning show, he's the owner of Red State Talk Radio Station who leases the board & helped me get this up through June as well as an ad on their main page about Evee's case (we will be switching ads in May to a very controversial one), and other ad opportunity & perks under "Catie's Story" on the website. Great man, great company. The main point - I got it done. It's been 2 years, I've crowd-funded for specific things, always providing great detail, and I have yet to not accomplish what I said I was going to do for Evee's fight & for this movement, and then some.

Dorit Reiss is out there trying to analyze my NBC lawsuit as if she has a clue about any of it. CNBC quoting her saying she feels bad for the covid-19 vaccine injury & death victims and they need fast and proper compensation. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? The woman who denies vaccine injury & death, constantly, and harasses those injured & the families of deceased. Leading massive attacks against myself, especially, and all others. (a source states she actually contacts media stations/online newspapers non-stop begging them to get them to listen to her, quote her, and attempts to use her law professor title as an "in"). A simple Google search will tell you she's known for "advocacy for immunizations". She's now pushing the "MMR" saying it could decrease Covid-19 severity. You've got to be kidding me!! 🤯 Thank goodness nobody else knows or cares about who she is and what she says. It's the "behind the scene" sociopathic, vile motives & plans that she executes to purposely harm people that you need to watch out for. I am a victim of Reiss' cyber bullying attacks, articles, and more. There is serious stalking going on & I've been warned time & time again she is dangerous. Yes, it's demons & spiritual attacks but it's also DORIT. 🤮

Anyways. Now we know these insults couldn't be farther from the truth. Or, I do, at least. Ya know, I never know who sees this libel and what they think. First, I'm broke & it ain't no joke, nor does it matter right now. My parents have been very helpful throughout this fight because they believe in me. That doesn't make any of it less hurtful to me or to my life & reputation. Many people in a private group of mine, KNOW that accusations like this forces me to provide proof (depending on what it is) to refute it. That's all I've done for a year and a half, provide proof to refute all these damn bold-faced lies NBC has made, that these trolls & even people from my home town, people unfortunately stuck in my life for awhile, they create even more lies stemming from that damn article. All I have done for 2 years is work my ass off to fight for my daughter, other babies, and I think I've done a pretty damn good job in doing so and spreading massive awareness along the way. I need those donations. Those donations get used properly or they get saved. I have needed all of those donations. I may take a few hours this week, and try and collect all the receipts since Evee died, on what these donations have been used on. Your mind will be blown on what this all has truly cost. For example, I don't have the invoices uploaded but this is an email showing you that Evee's final pathology investigation & the report cost me $9,900 just to the doctor alone. Not including cost of shipping my daughter's tissues and everything else across the country. Yeah, pretty damn steep. Another reason why I need to win this lawsuit. So I can help fund parents/families when they come to our (then), non-profit organization and want answers to the death of their child but can't afford to do so. This isn't fair at all, and it's what is stopping so many. Justice for Evee will be that source. 🙏

If you ever send me an online donation or a check saying "this is just for you, take care of yourself", I can't & won't take it and do such with it. It goes into the JFE fund that is overseen by 2 other parties, and as of recently, an attorney. I can't accept financial donations for myself like that. If you want to send me a "gift" or pay for something, it has to be in the form of a gift card, the actual gift, or you have to directly pay for something that you'd like to pay for (like how people called my natural healing center and made deposits into my account for me or for my birthday so many amazing people got me supplements & healing products). If you ever have a question about a donation or sending anything, just contact us at 👍 Do I feel bad for fundraising and asking for help? Lord no. Look at what I have dealt with and been through? Look at the massive fight that I am taking on? If it weren't for the gracious donors who believed in me, I wouldn't be suing NBC, or preparing to take on a medical examiner's office. I wouldn't be anywhere close to where I'm at, or accomplished what I have for my case, for Evee, and for the movement. As for our (unofficial) organization, Justice for Evee, who the trolls say is this big money maker 😂 that is one of the sources of my "grifting" - we've haven't even cut even since we simply started, we're negative because of Evee's birthday billboards. We're not Amazon, you crazies. We set up a nice way to initially raise money for the lawsuits, like a t-shirt fundraiser for a cause. The money raised, all goes into the same legal fund, and the invoices for new & replacement product, maintaining the shop & website, the shipping costs, the laser printer we needed, mailing supplies, it all comes out of the same fund. The Justice for Evee shop wasn't primarily created to make money though, it was so that we could get the word out to everyone possible & spread awareness, and especially, to honor Evee. (that's why I give a lot of stuff away & sometimes get "scolded" from my co-founders for it, ha!) 🙃

This is all I have for now. As I stated before, I am off all social media. End of April is the deadline for having this massive complaint, crazy amount of evidence, affidavits, expert testimonies, etc. and I will make that deadline, working day & night, if I have to. Thank goodness for a close girlfriend who set up a workspace for me in her house so I'm not stuck doing this alone in my small apartment surrounded by pictures of Evee, alone in tears and pain, reliving this all over again. I don't think I could do that. Everyone talks about how strong I am but I haven't ever felt so weak. I am brave, I am fearless, I love my children, and I would have fought this fight for any one of them. It is by the grace of God that I am still alive. I just can't help that it's all about Evee right now. I try my hardest to put myself in another place when I'm with my other children. It's easy with my son, he's young and so sweet and funny. My daughter, a teenager, we butt heads, she has been through too much in her short life. I have to keep reminding her why I am doing this, try to explain to her the amount of work that this takes, what this all has done to me, but she won't ever be able to understand. I feel as though I'm merely surviving. Thank goodness for ketamine infusions, the couple I've done have helped a bit, and I look forward to them helping further, and I thank my friend, Adam, for temporarily covering the cost of them for me. After a couple infusions, I was able to cook a full meal for my family again, take my son to a fun arcade alone, jump on the big trampoline with him (big mistake, I have got to get the motivation to lightly exercise again), wrestle around with him, focus on building legos (eek). It's something to look into, and local folks, I recommend the "Minnesota Ketamine Institute", because Christy & Paul are incredible. You know if it's not FDA approved, it probably works and works well. I want to be that fun, over-loving mother again. Not just an over-protective one. My children are so perfect, all of them. I have made my mistakes in the past that I deeply regret, many parents have. But God, please help me get back to the mother I was meant to be. God, please help me feel the powerful love I once felt & take away these numbing feelings. I know I am not the only grieving mother who has gone through these thoughts & feelings before. I am the grieving mother who wanted answers to her daughter's death.....and you know the rest...

Can you imagine not being able to celebrate the life of your daughter publicly without hundreds if not thousands of people falsely telling others that you are the one who took her life? For a year and a half and counting. I can't explain what it's done to me, but I'm going to try and have to, to a judge. Maybe he will just be able to see it on my face? I have been told and I knew that after Evee died, that I would never be the same as I was again, and in some ways, that's a good thing. Then you add all the abuse I've taken. Who am I going to be after this? Will I ever heal from this? Will the negative thoughts about the status of my life ever end? If I do survive this though.....👇

You know, if I have ever gotten a letter from you, a gift, a donation in the mail - I initially saved it in an old Christmas box I got from the Dollar General. The box is now a 2 shelf cabinet, and I'm going to need to upgrade from that soon. Christmas cards to simple quotes from the Bible that I'm sent, I save them all. To all the donors, if you don't get a thank you from me it's because I am just so insanely busy. To all of you who have ever sent anything, donated, prayed for me - I see it, I remember it, I save it, I appreciate it. You've helped keep my spirit up as much as possible throughout this all. The prayers, the love, the support, I can't thank you enough. I seriously can't but I'd really love to. The love is definitely reciprocated. I am so incredibly grateful for such immense support from so many people. You're all also a huge motivator for me. You and especially your children, your rights being stripped from you, your freedom of speech being censored. I feel very obligated to finish what I started, not only because I know that's what's expected, but because I could never live with myself if I didn't finish the fight these sociopathic magnates started, the ones who are injuring & killing our children, lying about it, gaslighting us all, making the world think that WE are the crazy ones, silencing us, breaking their own rules to torture us with the censorship & their bullshit one-sided community standards. I can't not fight it with all I have left in me. That article can and will not stay around for the rest of my life. I mean, I don't want to keep ranting, it's just not an option.

So while you're all thinking that I'm off social media taking a break, I am working every second I have my eyes open, every single day, maybe harder than ever. I need massive amounts of prayers for my sanity, my safety, the safety of my family and close friends. There are many spiritual attacks, full-on warfare going on to try and stop me. I was speaking with my friend, Larry Cook, and he emailed a detailed email about prayer, and how to do it the effective way, calling out for Archangel Michael to protect me in the moment. He told me if I ask, ye shall receive. Well this afternoon I began to respond to him with a question. I asked, "I'm now aware of why Evee died and what I have been called to do, I've accepted it, and it has brought me some peace". I then asked, "I wonder why with so many nights that I asked God to protect Evee from "SIDS", and he never delivered or followed through with that. I stopped myself though, and deleted the reply. Because I know that Evee didn't die of "SIDS", she was killed by poison made and pushed by demons, and the devil. I should have protected her from that poison and I hadn't the knowledge yet, too naive, too brainwashed. I need to keep reminding myself that God did NOT take Evee from me but he sure created an astounding mission for me to fulfill to honor her legacy, and so much more.

So regardless of my suffering & pain, I will continue to fight as hard & efficiently as I can. And after a win that I could use and that I definitely deserve, I will continue to speak out, and even if I have to pause and catch my breath with tear-filled eyes, you will hear it, my voice will be much, much louder. As will all of yours.

Please, keep passing around and if you want to know if there is anything else that I need or could use (which I've been asked by a LOT of people in the past 48 hours), the organization's address is "Justice for Evee" PO BOX 545, Howard Lake, MN 55349. Send a letter of encouragement if you'd like, send my daughter & son a letter to keep them surprised & busy, send anything to brighten or lighten my day. I don't have much of an appetite as my stomach is turning & in knots constantly, but all I can think of is a meal train for a week or a month or 44 days 😂 with relatively healthy food would be SO amazing. That may be for more local people, I'm not sure. I suppose people could freeze a meal and send it in the mail. We don't have door dash where I'm at, only a couple restaurants that deliver. If someone wanted to set that up because I won't have time to cook nor will I have the energy or desire. Otherwise it's bone broth sippers and OWYN meal shakes for me which nutritionally will work. It's the kids I think about. That's really all I can think of aside from the one thing I need the most and that is an insane amount of prayer, daily, from all of you.

I love all who are reading & support me, God bless, and I'm going to win this for us. But remember, in giving it all that I got with not a lot left in me to give, I may be left empty, emotionally and mentally defeated, whether I win or not. That's one of my few but worst fears. 💔

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