A Win For Vaccine Awareness In Times Square!

WE did it!! Thank you to all the donors and Red State Talk Radio owner, Scott Adams, radio host Reba, and her daughter Brenna for all sticking with me and putting up with my "persistence" (pushiness, ha!) to get the very first "Health Freedom/Vaccine Awareness" billboard up in New York City, smack dab in the middle of TIMES SQUARE!! I will also be on LIVE with Scott Adams on Monday, March 8th at 8:30 ET, and we will also be taking advantage of some advertising we were offered with the radio station. So HUGE THANKS to Red State Talk Radio! Also, it was a true & genuine coincidence that the board went up on the 2nd anniversary of Evee's death.

JFE's affiliate, Circleofmamas, wrote up the stories to every injured/deceased face on that board prior to it going up. A big thanks to Circleofmamas for the hard work! ❤️

From Circleofmamas:

This is so amazing! JFE has a #billboard up in #timessquare NYC!! It’s amazing, but also really sad. These are lives that never should have been harmed. But we have to tell their stories. We have to peel back the layers of the lies that have been fed to us for decades. Vaccines have risks: and those risks include death. There is no public health, when our strategy to prevent death, causes death. There is no social contract when we expose healthy infants to a medical treatment whose risks may not outweigh their benefit. Where there is risk, there must be choice. Upper left, clockwise: Aviana, this sweet little 4 month old died within 12 hours of the 4 month shots. https://circleofmamas.com/mama-stories/avianas-story/ Remy, this beautiful little 2 month old died the night of those 2 month shots. https://circleofmamas.com/vaccine-injury-stories/remys-story-sudden-death-the-same-night-of-his-2-month-shots/ Haleigh, this lovely college student developed seizures after a meningitis vaccine that was recommended for college. She died during a seizure. https://circleofmamas.com/vaccine-injury-stories/meningitis-vaccine-causes-fatal-seizure-haleighs-story/ Evee, today is her 2 year anniversary, she died around 36 hours after the 6 month shots. https://circleofmamas.com/mama-stories/evees-story/ Center, Ryan, was 15 months old when get got a few vaccines and was found dead just 3 days later. https://circleofmamas.com/health-news/toddler-dies-3-days-after-well-baby-visit-ryans-story/ Brian developed neuropathy from annual flu shots required by the military, and was awarded a settlement from the VICP. https://circleofmamas.com/health-news/vaccine-injury-in-the-military-annual-flu-shots-cause-neuropathy-and-disability/ Christopher, a handsome and happy teenager developed ADEM (Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis) after the Gardasil shot and died. https://circleofmamas.com/vaccine-injury-stories/remembering-christopher-bunch-a-life-taken-by-gardasil/ Nick, developed transverse myelitis and ADEM from a Tdap vaccine, and continues to fight for his health and recovery to this day. https://circleofmamas.com/health-news/nick-gauthiers-vaccine-injury-story/

We will be having a professional get some better pics & videos of the billboard very soon, and will share once we have them! This board is digital & plays for 45 seconds, 4 times in an hour, and will be up through June! Again, thank you so much to all the donors & supporters who believed that I could make this happen, and believed I would push until I got it done for the movement, a community of many that I consider to be as close as family & for whom I will always follow through for. ❤️

Now the biggest question asked by many. Why are the parents of the vaccine injured/deceased paying for & working hard to put up an expensive advertisement that Health & Human Services should be promoting?

Now that the hard week is over, and that one of the biggest things on my checklist is complete, it's time to fully focus on this NBC lawsuit. So I need prayers, support, help spreading awareness, and for help raising funds. I've been approached by numerous people about doing smaller fundraisers. I just don't have the time to set up or help with anything, I have got to focus on this complaint and getting the evidence all in and put together. I can't stress how huge this is. So you have my permission to go ahead and do any fundraiser you'd like for "Justice for Evee" and you can go ahead and send a check to:

Justice for Evee - PO Box 545 - Howard Lake, MN 55349 or you can Venmo @EveesFund or you can donate directly at www.justiceforevee.org/donate or you can donate to the "NBC Trial Retainer" fundraiser at givesendgo.com/nbclawsuit - we also have many costs associated with expert affidavits/reports/testimonies (can't go into details but we need a few experts to define things in particular) just for the complaint itself (prior to the trial).

I heard back from my contact at the board, and the board's meeting for a decision got pushed to April. My stomach is just in constant knots. So seriously, prayers are needed the most, and getting the word about this lawsuit out to everyone in the movement and more, which is why I will be doing many short interviews about it.

Lastly, in regards to the slanderous Facebook & Instagram pages in the JFE name. Don't engage with them, don't give them the time of day. They are doing serious gaslighting, spitting out bold faced lies, and talking about things they know nothing about, to get under my skin and make me want to go on and defend myself. They're talking about fundraising & the lawsuit, of course, Evee's death, and details about it they have no clue about. They said I wasn't going to put the Times Square board up, they're trying to assume information about the case, and very little has been revealed about the case, believe it or not. They're trying to lure me or someone else in and get information out to compromise the lawsuit and/or to get under my skin and make me break emotionally. One thing to seriously clarify that is SO annoying. They keep saying they have seen the official autopsy report, and official amendment of the cause of death, and the entire investigation report. NO YOU HAVE NOT. You keep posting a MEDIA RELEASE OF THE AMENDED CAUSE OF DEATH before it was even "officially" amended, (I still haven't received an amended COD certificate) and you have only seen the first part of the investigative report, the rest intentionally left out. You have never seen Evee's autopsy report, that is not public to anyone, you haven't seen the entire investigative report where officer Dean Olsen confirms that my reenactment with the doll matches the blood/milk stains on the bed, and that the 3D laser scan showed no fluids on any pillow. Nor have you seen the SUIDI form filled out by the Medical Examiner's Field Investigator, where she checked "NO" to asphyxiation ON THE SCENE (well, you have now). They are very desperate to try and get me to break, the abuse, manipulation, fabrications, harassment, it is just on a whole different level at this point, and incredibly hard to deal with. 😔 Please do NOT send me any of this type of stuff. I'm aware it's everywhere, I don't need nor want to see it.

I have people monitoring the pages & screenshotting for defamation. Again, please, just ignore them. Do NOT engage, please. They're frantic & disgraceful. They mean nothing. This is the devil trying to pry his way in, take over, and destroy everything. No way. Not happening.

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